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Went to the local nursery, which was fabulous, great selection and good customer service.

We did not find any snapdragons that were just yellow. 😦

Don’t worry, I’m going to hunt them down like a dog. I will have yellow snap dragons, oh yes I will. (insert evil laugh)

We scored some dahlias; I didn’t know I loved these. They are so sophisticated, I think of old Hollywood when I see them. Not sure why the association but it’s there.

Red salvia, honeysuckle, jasmine, some odd fuzzy flowers, and some white, pansy like flowers. I will figure out the names and edit this later.

Here is the back porch before:


After after:

I’ve also decided that I do not like geraniums, I think that they get too big and stalky and it’s not a good look, to me.

This photo was taken mid way of ripping out one of the four geraniums we have, there are two more to the left.

Honeysuckle, Jasmine, and the unknown white flowers went here.

Yes, I garden barefoot.


Done for now.

Whether these plants/flowers will live or not, is the question.

I have had a bit of a reputation for having a black thumb, but in our Santa Monica apartment I managed to keep Tina and Meg alive successfully.

That’s Tina in the corner, I really loved her.

Yup, I am cray cray. 🙂

This picture makes me more than a little nostalgic, favorite place I ever lived.


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BBD #2

Packed in like sardines. Fellow Bartians getting on at Embarcadero remind me of someone trying to shut a too full suitcase.

Pushing, pulling, tugging, and a few yelled curse words. They manage to pack themselves in, and off the train zips down into the tunnel.

Three teenage girls manage to snag themselves seats near mine, and I got to listen to them gossip.

“He asked her to prom on FB?!”

“She’s going with HIM!”

Then obsessing about who they want to go with, and what they are going to wear.

Listening to them actually doesn’t fall into the BBD; their innocence makes me smile.

This classy gal does though….


Answers her phone that has an obnoxiously loud ring tone with, “Bitch, I’m about to try to buy me a car!” and hangs up.

I want to know who was on the other end that awesomeness.


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This post features garden porn.

Alright, now that we got that out of the way.

Joey and I have lived in apartments our entire grown lives, this condo yard is the only thing either of us have ever had that even resembles a garden.

I will refer to our backyard/patio as our garden, as I love the way the british glam it up a bit. You can also call me Madonna for the extent of this post.

When we moved in, I was enourmously pregnant and the garden was EXTREMELY overgrown, this I have no photos of so you will have to take my word for it.

We took a day and trimmed it up and filled 4 or 5 large trash bags and dreamed (that was me) and planned (Joey) about what we would plant when the good weather came around.

This past weekend had glorious sunny 85 degree weather alas, we did our gardening on Monday(which is usually an AD, but we got a late start) and although it was a bright sunny day it was only about 70 degrees.

We slathered Leo up with sunscreen, popped him in his bumbo (kid loves to be outside) and got to work.

There were empty planters and terra cotta pots, some with remnants of past plants in them.

More empties and notice the BBQ which for some reason has resided there. To use the BBQ you had to go down the stairs through the bedroom and out the back slider. EVICTED and relocated to the front balcony which is off the dining room. Makes much more sense now.

This pot was a great find for me.

Peek inside…

How cool is that? I think they are baby bearded dragons but I could be wrong. Anyhow, we opted to not evict them and just pushed the pot up against the side of the condo. These guys like to sun on the steps leading into the house, if I can snag a picture of them doing that, I will have a random dragon sunning post.

After clearing up and talking about what we would plant, we hopped in the jeep (really a BMW I know, but have always referred to it as “the jeep”) and ran to Home Depot.

We ended up liking flowers in reds (me) and yellows (Joey) so we purchased alstroemeria, hibiscus, daisy, marigolds, and more daisy. Also grabbed a bag of potting soil and a new shovel (I broke the one we had in half).

I had a marvelous time digging in the dirt and deciding where we were going to put things.

In the old BBQ corner.



Don’t mind the sock hanging out of the rain pipe; our short term(if seven months counts as short term) solution so that the drip noise doesn’t drive me bat shit crazy when I am trying to sleep.

The back steps.

The red stuff:

Loving the foot action down there.

Another marigold and the hibiscus that we didn’t have a pot large enough for. We are going to make a trek to a local nursery to check out what they have pot wise and small yellowy flower(hopefully snapdragon) wise to fill up that oblong planter on the right. On the far right there is a rosemary bush which will stay and smells AMAZING!

We both like jasmine and honeysuckle, one of each will most likely be coming home with us.

Patio set is nice and has a fire pit in the middle.

Looking forward to nice summer evenings out there with a glass of wine.

I want one of those glider swings but on the cheap, thinking Craigslist.

Last piece is the big plant that grows in this deep gulley section next to the front door. I love it. It gets a little crazy and if not trimmed will hit our guests in the head. It also grows these nasty blue berry type deals. I cut them off.

Through the window is my nook where I am currently writing this post. More on the nooks in my life, later.

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Bye Bye

I deleted my Facebook.



I know, what you are thinking:

“She did what?”

“Everyone has a Facebook!”

“My 85 year old Nana…


…my spider eating baby…

…even the mustaced statue outside my favorite bar!”

Ok, gather yourself.

I found myself constantly checking Facebook, even checking Joey’s and my sister Bird’s Facebook. (Don’t judge me)

You might know or knew everyone you are FB friends with, but of those 100 or so people, how many do you interact with on a regular basis?

How many have you not seen or talked to outside of FB in more than 5 years, 10? Since that family reunion in 89′ when you were a kid with skinned up knees?

How many do you vaguely know or have never met?

How many do you hide due to negative garbage, chain statuses, posts 17 times a day or any of these?

On to privacy issues:

Companies requesting FB log in information at interviews. WTF?! Reeeefreakingdiculous!

FB itself doesn’t get rave reviews for protecting its user’s privacy.

I’m the most private, open book you will ever meet. I just want to have control over who knows what about me.

I don’t want to be google-able and with an extremely unique last name that is a hard feat to accomplish.

I’ve spent hours sending emails to different “people search” websites asking them to remove me, then waiting days for them to do so. and THEN putting in requests to Google so they can update their cache.

Now does it make sense that someone who would go to such great lengths to keep themselves ungoogle-able(totally a word) would have a FB?!

I was careful about keeping my profile private. I was always mindful, of which photos I used for my profile picture and as of recent, my timeline header.

On top of all of that there is the DRAMA. Someone is always upset/mad about some status updated or picture taken. I’ll admit that I have been upset/mad over things I’ve seen on FB.

All of the above equals one thing; FB is an aggravation I do not need at this time in my life.

Sitting here finishing up this post, I received a text from a FB friend and his gf.

“Everything ok?”

Yup, just saying good bye to an energy vampire.

P.S. All photos are old family photos throughout the years except for mustached man. We met him in San Jose on AD#1.

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BART and BBD#1

If you have been to or lived in Los Angeles, you know that for such an enormous city the public transit sucks is sorely lacking.

What am I saying?! It is non-existent.

I read a quote once that said “Los Angeles is 18 suburbs looking for a city”, sums it up nicely. A car is not an option unless you live and work in the same city.

How many other places, in this country can you find a traffic jam at 2am?!

Example of a heinous regular commute: 2 hours in to work and 25 minutes on the way home. Wait…what? I known, right?! WTF.

After ten years of LA commuting, coming to the Bay area is a breath of fresh air.

I am a four day a week commuter on BART.


-I can read, sleep, write this blog post, etc.
-It’s quiet
-My job provides transit benefits making my cost nominal
-No driving
-Door to door service (I lucked out here)
-Interesting people

-Disgusting people
-Rude people
-Pervy people
-Creepy people
-Interesting people (maybe I should move this to the pro side)

Bart Bitch of the Day (BBD):

Step off the platform into the awaiting BART car, and am immediately, engulfed in rank body odor (RBO).

Adding to that awesomeness is the old creeper across the aisle staring at me.

Never in my life have I understood the difficulty of washing ones body on a regular basis.

One interesting gentlemen I noticed:

-Approximately 55
-Small build
-Black, round framed spectacles
-Check patterned, button up shirt
-Matching bow tie
-Reading a green newspaper

Looked a lot like Jerry Lewis in The Nutty Professor without the messed up grill or the crazed look in his eyes.

Look forward to more BBD’s. I will try to throw some interesting not negative, stuff in as well.

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We started the trek at 11:06 am, I noticed the time because I promised we would be on the road by 10:30. 36 minutes late isn’t too bad for me, as I am perpetually tardy.

We swing by 7-11, grab some snacks and hit the road.

We have become Fastrak people. If you live in the bay area it’s essential even if you only use it twice a month. Not having to scrounge around for $4-6 is awesome. Side note: when I first got the Fastrak and saw that awesome 80’s plum and dark teal color scheme, I assumed it had been established 20+ years ago. Nope. Someone in the last decade thought that coloring and logo was the way to go. Go figure.

Half Moon Bay.

First stop, Venice Beach, we had to swing in because we lived in Venice Beach, Los Angeles.

Our Venice Beach:

Half Moon Bay’s Venice Beach:

The only similarity between the two destinations besides being a beach is that it ‘s 10 freaking dollars to park on a Monday in April.

Snapped several great shots:

Leo laying in the sand for the first time. He loved it.

See what I was saying about the HAIR?!

Mama and Leo.

Awwwwwwwwwwwwww! How cute is that?!

Daddy and Leo.

I love my boys.

Main Street of Half Moon Bay was cute but lacked that certain charm, it was ok.

This Feed store had a banner that said “Come get your chicks here” with picture of a baby chick on it.

We had sandwiches on an outdoor patio that had beautiful flowers.

Callas for Bird. 6 🙂

Cruising down Highway 1, we spotted this field (of what Joey has been calling mustard greens?). They have been popping up all over and he talks about them and likes them a lot. Being strange, I insisted we pull over and get him photographed with these yellow lovelies.

Since Half Moon was just ok, we ventured south to Santa Cruz. Not impressed. A little down trodden and the boardwalk was your typical amusement park environment and fare.

Since we were on the west side of the penisula we drove to Uncle Justin’s house and scooped him up for dinner.

This journey took us into San Jose which was in the midst of a Shark’s hockey playoff game. We loaded Leo into the Ergo (which is a life saver, by the way).

We walked the streets of San Jose and came across the San Pedro Square Market that was setup like a fancy food court. Gourmet food with inexpensive prices and a bar at the end.

Justin’s art-sy shot of the bar.

Justin was going crazy with the camera. I’ll end this post with one of his last shots of the night.

AD#1 Scores:

Half Moon Bay    5

Lunch                   4

Santa Cruz           2

San Jose               7

Dinner                  8.5

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Adventure Day

We moved to the Bay area in September 2011 when I was 7.5 months pregnant. Getting into the later stages of pregnancy and then parenting a newborn, we didn’t really take advantage of living in such a beautiful area.

Mondays have since become Adventure Day (AD). We hop in the car and drive somewhere I have never been, we see what there is to see, take pictures and find a local spot to have lunch. If I can figure out how to get a map on here, I will start pinning where we have been.

Today we are off to Half Moon Bay.

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