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When we moved into this condo (September 2011) there was a cat that constantly came around.

We are NOT cat people (sorry cat lovers) and opted not to adopt, feed and/or encourage it.

Due to the cat’s constant appearance we assume that the woman who lived here before us, allowed the cat to come in the house and fed her.

One day the cat even got into the house and was found curled up on my bed. Ewwwww!

We stopped seeing the cat about four months ago and figured she had finally gotten the hint.


Two days ago guess who shows up meowing loudly and looking emaciated?!

Joey being a kind, sweet man couldn’t stand to see her hungry and opened a can of tuna.

Then after watching her eat the entire can in less than five minutes turns and asks me “What are we going to name her?”

He comes up with Sharky.

Here she is:


P.S. For the record I’m still not a cat person; I’ve made an exception.

P.P.S. The shelves in Leo’s room are complete, hung and styled. I finished late in the day and the lighting was awful. Hopefully will post it tomorrow.


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This week is based on my current favorite colors starting with chartreuse.

Chartreuse was a color that I disliked prior to becoming pregnant. Once pregnant it became a favorite and enhanced my liking of many shades of green.


1, 2 & 3

1. Is that not the sweetest little ring bearer pillow you have ever seen? I can picture my little man carrying it in a suit when Joey and I finally decide to tie the knot. This pillow has established chartreuse as a wedding color. How do you ladies (A,A,S,S,E, & T) feel about chartreuse bridesmaid dresses?!

2. I’ve become a huge fan of scarfs since moving to the bay area due to the fact that you can wear them year round. This beauty is absolutely fierce and deserves to be shown off.

3. This satin bolster is quite the pretty lady. She would be a fantastic start in making our bed look like I even made an attempt. 😉 You saw it looking like a hot mess here.

Purple has always been my #1 favorite color. I even painted a bedroom in my first apartment dark purple with lavender trim and ceiling. I was 19. Enough said.


1, 2 & 3

1. I love hats and hats on babies, to die for. This bonnet is reversible and can be full as shown or folded back to frame the face.

2. There are several places where Joey, has shown me the error of my ways and art is one of them. Prior to knowing Joey I didn’t give art much thought and hung mass produced “art”. He loathes what he refers to as Target art and still makes fun of me for liking it. This piece here is an original and is so very pretty and feminine. It would only be able to hang in my mom cave that I hope to have one day. BTW why is a woman’s private space called a mom cave and a mans is called a man cave?

3. Ikat is all the rage right now without having a chevron issue. This pillow also belongs in my mom cave.

Teal/aqua has always hung on the edges as a color I like. When I was a kid I loved those pens that came in a six pack with purple, pink, and aqua. Does anyone remember those?


1, 2 & 3

1. Couch pillow; cute print and throwing in some chartreuse as well.

2. An original and strikes me as very somber with a dash of mystery. Love.

3. Elephants always remind me of my mama not sure why this one spoke to me particularly.

Any color/color combinations you are addicted to right and want to turn me on to?

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You met Charlotte and have seen how the space around her is just absolutely bare.

I know gallery walls are everywhere right now and I have always been a huge fan of hanging a ton of crap on the walls.

Win-win there!

Empty wall space makes a home sad and boring.

I’ve never lived somewhere with vaulted ceilings and I wasn’t sure what the trick was to avoid sad and boring.

Go high my friends, go high.

I took some birthday money and went to IKEA and bought some of their frames in black.

Fabulous looking and at a great price.

I bought pairs in different sizes not really knowing what my game plan was.

I do that a lot, I’m a fly by the seat of my pants kind of a gal.


I traced the frames onto newspaper and taped them up above Charlotte.


Happy accident that the layout came together so great.

Since the Charlotte nook is my “mom cave”, I am filling the frames with things that are important to me.

Will update as I fill each frame and tell you a story about it.

Just know now that I’m a sentimental fool.

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Snapped these photos this morning while making a bottle for the road.

Most days I’m fine, today not so much.

Today, my heart hurts leaving him. 😦

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Walkin on to BART after a short easy day, I go to sit down and see something and sit in the seat across the row.

What did I see?


Can’t see it?

(not the best photo; fast moving shadowy train)

Is that a turd?

I don’t know but I’m grossed out.


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Book Explosion

Leo has tons and tons of books courtesy of his Babushka, who saved many from Joey and his brother’s childhoods.

His book shelf (cheapo bought for the Santa Monica apartment for $20) often looks like this.


You can imagine how crazy it makes me.

The other day cruising on Pinterest, I find this picture.


Angels were singing in my head when I saw it.

This will fix two of my issues; one being the above book explosion and the other being the naked wall I have mentioned here and here.

I decided to build my own shelves and started over my weekend.

I mentioned my glee over using power tools after my long baby sabbatical.

The first shelf is done.

Two to go and I will update you when complete.

It looks awesome. Woot woot!

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On Sunday, we hopped in the car early and went garage sale hunting in search of the perfect pair of night stands for a project that I want to do.

We returned home 2 hours later with NADA!

A walk in the park with a loop of the lake to get our exercise on was needed to soothe our hunting failure; we loaded Leo up in the stroller and took off.

As soon as we pass the park, Joey spots a garage sale and forces a reluctant me to check it out.

We look at the items strewn out on the driveway and in the messy garage and didn’t see anything that appealed to us.

As we were walking away I noticed people IN the house and asked the gal working the sale if it was inside as well and she indicated that it was.

Inside we went.

This house was built in approximately 1970 and the people who bought it moved in, filled the house with furniture and never changed anything.

Imagine 70’s cream and brown shag carpet, scratchy brown and orange plaid couch, retro appliances, dirt and cobwebs for days.

The woman in charge of the sale told us that the owner had gone into a nursing home and needed to clear out and sale the house immediately.

We went up the stairs and stumbled upon a mid century modern desk with a matching chair, an arm chair, and a rolling cart.

I know you are wondering how much I paid for this haul.


I’m out a whole $20.

The desk and chair combo were $7, the arm chair was $5, and the rolling cart randomly was $8.

I have no idea what I am going to do with all this furniture but, who can pass up a deal like that?

Still on the hunt for the night stands, Craigslist in the Bay area is sub par in comparison to Los Angeles.

I briefly looked in LA for comparison sake and found four pairs that would have been perfect. 😦

Find any good scores lately?

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