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11 months

I am a week late in this post, but we did take the pictures on time.

Leo is now 11 months old and the countdown of his first year of life has begun.

A year is a blip of time and you don’t truly know that until you have children. I have already started thinking about #2 which means I am obsessing about baby names more than usual. Will save that for another post.

Leo is approximately 20 pounds and is getting taller and taller. His nine month clothes had to be retired due to them being too short. Quite funny looking when they are an 1-3 inches short but then look like clown outfit in the body. Tall and skinny. I’m jealous. 😉

He has four teeth on the top and four teeth on the bottom. Been acting a bit crazy the last week or so; I suspect a molar.

His hair is still uncut and looks like a hot mess. The back is starting to fill in and grow longer down his neck.

He is FINALLY getting on the solid food train. Which has been more frustrating for Joey then it is for me. He likes chicken, sweet potatoes, yogurt, corn, but his all time favorite is noodles. Kid is a carb whore already. Sounds familiar.

He has struggled a lot trying to work out the pincer move when picking up food. We started getting really excited when he was actually able to pick up a piece of food and get it in his mouth that we would clap and say “YAY!”. Now he thinks every bite is a time for celebrating.

Due to him eating more and more solids and less formula/breastmilk he has been having toxic poop which created his first diaper rash. Which was truly awful. Screaming his head off during a diaper change; there were lots of tears, some were mine.

He loves to play and does so by himself very well. He has a basket of toys in the living room that he digs through and sometimes climbs in. His favorite toys right now are: an orange monkey on wheels, yellow and blue dump truck and these wooden balls.

The monkey gets the most action. I think because Leo has a major obsession with wheels and since the monkey is soft he can carry the monkey in his mouth as he crawls around.

Leo is a fantastic crawler; super fast and all over the place. He can climb up the ladder at gymboree and go up the stairs like a champ.

He is not standing on his own and still has an issue with reverse. I have been trying to teach him how to go down the stairs and it is quite dangerous.

He has already given up the bath for the shower. The bath makes him scream like we are trying to drown him. Now he just crawls around in the bathtub and plays with toys while one of us showers and he gets rained on. I have a new trick when rinsing him saying that the water is tickling him which makes him laugh.

Taught him how to high five yesterday which is so cute. He won’t wave bye-bye, but is an expert clapper.

We are NOT sleeping through the night. Disaster. We totally suck at being strong with the Ferber method.

Here is his 11 month photo:

Runner up:

Out takes:

Loving the hot mess hair!

Joey posted this one on facebook and someone thought his blocks on the right was a ring box, hence Leo’s excitement.

To see all his monthlies click here.


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You know you all have that one neighbor who keeps the lights up all year.

Well we have pumpkin people.

In December of last year we noticed that one of our neighbors had pumpkins from Halloween on their porch.

Days, weeks, and finally months went by and they were still there.

They disappeared in late JULY!!

You read that right, I said July.

Here we are a couple weeks before Halloween and guess who got new pumpkins?!


Photo was taken across the street; it’s less creepy that way. 😉

Stay tuned to see how long they stay this time.

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I LOVE mood boards.

I see them all over blog land and decided to make one of my own.

With my friend’s little girl in mind, I came up with this.


Makes me want a little girl! It’s all about the pink.

Another friend who is having a girl in March asked me to make her one. Like two months ago. I suck.

Starting it now.

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Yesterday, I was having a bit of a pity party.

Joey went off to do something so I decided that Leo and I would go cruise over to Michael’s.

As I was pulling out of the driveway I felt a little sad for myself, and attempted to call my mom and sister. Neither answered.

I went to Michael’s, walked around finding the paper and styrofoam balls I needed for another party idea.

Still feeling sad for myself.

After a year of living in the bay area I have yet to make one friend that I can ring up and say “hey, wanna go to the craft store?”

I had a twice monthly “working mothers” group, but stopped going because the group and the leader were too judgmental for my taste. I wasn’t organic enough, I was having sleep issues with Leo that were apparently my fault, etc.

Leo is enrolled in Gymboree, but the classes fall on days I work and the few times I have made it in I get the “WOW, Leo’s mommy is here!”

Awesome! Thanks!

I have tried chatting up others moms at Gymboree but haven’t met anyone that seems like friend potential.

I have even tried the Café Mom website which has a god awful user interface and found one nice woman nearby. We hung out a few times but didn’t seem to have much in common.

Meeting friends at work is not so much an option because I live so far away.

Joey bought me a book recently called “MWF seeks BFF: My Yearlong Search for a new best friend” which so far is good but she is who I was three years ago. Three years ago I had plenty of friends and didn’t have trouble making them. Not sure if it will help or not.

One other thing I noticed is the lack of mommies in my age group. They all seem to be 10+ years old or are 23. I have always had older friends but older in the suburbs translates differently than older in the big city. 23 is only a seven year age difference but holy crap. I just can’t do. I’ve tried.

Any tips on meeting mommy friends? Or how to make friends after 30?

P.S. Sister called later to inform me that her and our mother were in Wendover. Typical right? Having fun without me! Bitches. 😉

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Got home from our road trip (last leg was a nightmare) and found that a package had arrived while we were gone.

The package had stuff in it for Leo’s birthday party.

You know I ripped into that crap immediately and started to put together the items. I want to practice everything so that day of/day before I won’t be freaking out.

The first attempt was a success and I’m quite impressed with myself. 😉

Here is a sneak peek.


Looks like big boob eyes! Haha!

Also, found these awesome styrofoam rings for a buck each at Target! #ihearttarget


Love when a plan comes together!

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I posted about this “Operation” about a week and a half ago forever ago. I managed to finish the skirt that weekend.

I searched high and low for the perfect one, finding only colors that didn’t work and patterns that were way too busy or cartoonish.

I found a gal on Etsy who would sew a crib skirt for me with my fabric.


I went out and bought the fabric and then decided that I wanted to do it myself.

While I was telling Joey of my decision and letting him know that I needed to purchase a sewing machine.

My mother-in-law who was in town overheard our conversation and said she would bring me her Mother’s sewing machine.

I love that I made something for Leo using a machine that his great-grandmother (who sadly passed before getting to meet Leo) sewed on.

I haven’t sewed in years and when I did it was a wretched experience.

8th grade Home Ec, project was a Komodo dragon? (Some weird lizard-ish thing).

Anyway I f*cked up the one arm so bad by unstitching and restitching that the fabric was no longer usable.

My mom took me to the fabric store to get more only to discover that my specific fabric (which was wedgewood blue and mauve, 14 year old me had impeccable taste) was sold out.

My poor dragon ended up having an arm sewed by my mother that was a completely different color.

Hell, my mom probably sewed the whole damn thing. I remember crying and throwing a fit about it.

Teenagers suck.

Awesome childhood tangent, right?!

In order to not have a repeat of the above I did some googling and youtubing. Came across this tutorial here and this YouTube video.

Mashed it all together in my mind and managed to create a crib skirt.


Not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but I’m happy.

Next sewing project: blackout curtains for Leo’s nursery.

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Leo and I set off for our first road trip without Joey.

It was quite an adventure.

I love the windmills that are off the 580.



P.S. This is yesterday’s POD; just in case I post another one today.

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