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Winter Wonderland

We are on vacation in Pennsylvania and it is a winter wonderland.







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Heading into working today was hard as it always is on my Monday.

Leaving my baby hasn’t gotten any easier.

Last week I nearly fell down the stairs getting off BART and broke the heel off of my favorite shoes.

Today, I was feeling crummy already and ended up wearing a pair of shoes I thought were super cute when I bought them.

I wore them to work once about four months ago and got teased at work because they are “too wild”.

As I was getting off at my stop a dapper fellow went out of his way to tell me my shoes were fabulous.

How awesome is that?!

I walked with an extra pep in my step in my too wild, fabulous shoes.


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Take two because we showed up at the cash only tree lot without cash and a barefoot baby.

Here is how we carted Winston home when we showed up with cash and shoes on the child.


Boyfriend rode in the front with Joey and I played with Leo in the back.

We chose to go with a small tabletop tree since Leo is a destroyer and the behemoth Higgins last year was intense.

Higgins 2011


Jenkins 2010


Why yes, all of our trees are butlers.

Here is Winston all gussied up and pretty.


Proudly displaying the DIY Snowball Ornaments I made.

We have a tradition of getting an ornament that symbolizes our year together.

This year I decided to make one and it turned out rather large.


Our initials and the year; huge because this was the year we became a family. I know Leo joined us late last year but we were all a hot mess. Trying to figure out how to keep the three of us alive is not what I would call great bonding time. 😉

2011 Ornament symbolizes our move to San Francisco said Captain Obvious.


2010 Ornament just states the year and is a bit cheap and tacky looking. Just like the apartment in Venice that we were living in.


We don’t have one from 2009 but I’m going to have one made at one of those custom websites. It hasn’t been a priority maybe today I will get around to it.

Other favorites:

Leo’s footprint from last Christmas; used my thumb for a size reference.
He was so tiny.


My first Christmas ornament.


My mom buys me a new ornament every year and this year I picked out my own. An owl of course and isn’t he fantabulous?!


Loving Winston! He is my favorite tree so far.

I want to see your trees!

If you have a photo online put a link to it in the comments. If you don’t send me an email at honeybeelion at gmail dot com.

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My sweet angel crawled into the basket and snuggled up with the pillow and clean laundry.

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Reilly the Rhino

Reilly the Rhino left this morning to go live in Brea, Ca!



This is what poor Leo’s wall looks like now. We will have to get busy replacing them.

A naked wall is a sign of success however small that may be.

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You may remember when I mentioned that we made our first sale on my Etsy shop Hangimals.

Well…we’ve made a couple more.

As you know Aidan went to live in New York which is fitting if you’re a Sex In The City fan.


Zach is on his way to live in Louisiana.


Our first custom order came in and her name is Penelope the Poodle. She came in the post today.

She will be decapitated shortly and will be on her way to live on Seattle in the morning.

I have had another custom request this time to match a specific finish.

Restoration Hardware’s Jourdan



The requestor is going to send me a swatch and I’m going to give it my best shot.

It feels so good that people want something I made.

I can’t believe it!

Makes me want to create other things to sell.

I’ll update you on future sales and additional creations.

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20121213-212620.jpg (Source)

I swoon over these door knobs. I want them (probably not these exact ones because the reviews are heinous) on every interior door of my house.

How do you feel about black interior doors?

I swoon some more.

20121213-222815.jpg (Source)

I even love the black stairs.

20121213-223013.jpg (Source)

20121213-223542.jpg (Source)

The brass hardware! I’m on the brass train; I know I can’t believe it either.

20121213-224836.jpg (Source)


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