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I gained 47 pounds when I was pregnant with Leo.


I was not one of those cute pregnant women with just a belly.

I was freaking enormous.

Here is photographic proof.


Hot, right?

Here is one from the day before he was born.


A smidge better but still not cute.

I lost 27 of the 47 right away, the last 20 have been hanging around.

I have lost and regained the same 8-12 pounds since then and am really sick of not having any clothes to fit into.

Here are two of me when I was down the 8-12 pounds; note these are flattering photos. You can see the weight in my face.


I do not want to buy clothes for the size/weight that I am.

Which means that I have looked like a hot mess since he was born.

Not awesome.

I have started eating healthier and exercising within the last week and have been seeing everyone with their homemade smoothies and juices.

Joey and I talked about it and decided to drop $44 on a Magic Bullet at Costco.

I tried this Berry Spinach recipe.

It look like this:

Nasty, right?

WRONG! It was freaking delicious.

I am going to search out and try other recipes such as this Kale Smoothie.

Game Plan:

  • Walking 2 miles minimum everyday pushing Leo in the stroller
  • Smoothie for breakfast
  • Salad/Fruit lunch
  • Protein/Veggie dinner

Hopefully my ass will get smaller and fit into my pants.

I will let you know!

P.S. I wish this hot bitch would come back to town!



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