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BART Bitch Of The Day

I haven’t done one of these for awhile.

Due to my promotion I am now working nights.

Evening BART patrons are a whole different breed.

I asked Joey to rescue me and he requested creeper shots.


Guy in the hat hasn’t showered in a month and the guy to the right looks like a serial killer.

How about this: I want to stab her in the face.


This bitch has the nerve to clip her fucking nails and pass gas.

If choking a bitch in public was acceptable she would be choked out on the ground.

Now what you didn’t see was the homeless guy with no shoes walking up and down the car begging for money.

Yelling Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

At top volume.

Last but certainly not least and my personal favorite is the shady looking woman who has been asleep since I got on the train.

She is taking up three seats: one for her butt, one for her feet and one for her bag.

She wakes up, realizes that she has missed her stop and starts hysterically crying.

Wailing, actually better describes it.

Perfect topper, I think.


High five BART! Love you all my life.

P.S. For some reason I keep catching this red fire extinguisher sign and think it is someone staring at me.

Paranoid much?!


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BBD #12 – Creeper

I, like most women have an appreciation when I get “checked out” by a man. Nice to know you’ve still got it, especially when you’ve had a baby that destroyed your body.

What I don’t appreciate is when it’s taken to the next level.


Glancing out the window on the way in today and notice that the creeper behind me is staring at me through the reflection. Our eyes meet in the reflection and he does the ol’ double eyebrow lift that is usual reserved between couples as a joke.

Why is that some men find this weird staring thing acceptable behavior?

You know the ones I’m talking about. They look too long with that little bit of leer sometimes adding a lick of the lips.

Their mothers didn’t raise them better than that?

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BBD #11 – Excuse me, Sir?

Cruising into work listening to my awesome country music, bopping my head to the tune.

Train stops and the man sitting diagonal from me gets up and drops something as he is exiting.

I go to stop him and start to reach down to pick up the item for him.

My brain processes what it is and my mouth instantly shuts, hand recoils, and I turn and stare out the window.

I mean what else was I supposed to do?!


Excuse me, Sir?

You seem to have dropped your CONDOM!

Who would that have been more awkward for?!

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I’m full of crap good tips today!

As I’m eavesdropping on the train (well I don’t know if it counts as eavesdropping if I can hear these hens over my headphones), I hear one 40ish white woman tell another 40ish white woman say “Trust me, it will change your life!”

I have no idea what the hell they we’re talking about it.

I couldn’t care less about what it is that could be life changing.

I was a bit shocked and dismayed to hear the other one say she wanted to but wasn’t ready.

Ms. Life-Changer almost yells “let me know when you are ready!”

Tip of the day here friends is when anyone tells you to do something that will “change your life”, run in the opposite direction.

Only people who are reading tarot cards and selling crap you don’t need say stupid drivel like that.

This time have a great drivel-less day!


Ray of Sunshine 😉

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Walkin on to BART after a short easy day, I go to sit down and see something and sit in the seat across the row.

What did I see?


Can’t see it?

(not the best photo; fast moving shadowy train)

Is that a turd?

I don’t know but I’m grossed out.


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I’m noticing that the more tired I am the more my fellow Bartians irritate me.

Which means I am exhausted because I want to punch a guy for picking his nose.

A gentleman two rows up approximately 50 has that old guy hair growing out of his ears and a glob of something (ear wax?hair gel?) in that hair.

WTF is that about?!

If that’s not disgusting enough he has been gold digging for the past ten minutes.

All of this tells me he did not have a shower this morning.

This man is wearing a wedding band; what self respecting woman lets her man out of the house without a shower and ear hair like that?!


Men trim that damn ear and nose hairs and for the love of god keep the back of your neck shaved.

Women assist your man if he falls into the above category.

That is all.

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As I was doing my makeup with this song in my head yesterday morning, my phone buzzes.
Coworker gives me a heads up that BART, has caught on FIRE at the Oakland West station, and is not running from Oakland to San Francisco.
I had to drive myself to work today.
As I was driving I realized that this was the first time I have gone anywhere, but the grocery store by myself since living in the Bay area.
Traffic was AWFUL. Reminded me of my driving in LA; horrible bumper to bumper, slowly rolling forward.

I pumped myself up by listening to Pandora – I LOVE me some Queen.
The 42.6 mile drive took two hours.
When I got to work an hour late, I looked up the fire online and found these photo.

The guy who took this photo captioned it “Huge ass fire”

This was one of the freeways I traveled on

The ride home was 2.5 hours. AWESOME-POSSUM!

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