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Heading into working today was hard as it always is on my Monday.

Leaving my baby hasn’t gotten any easier.

Last week I nearly fell down the stairs getting off BART and broke the heel off of my favorite shoes.

Today, I was feeling crummy already and ended up wearing a pair of shoes I thought were super cute when I bought them.

I wore them to work once about four months ago and got teased at work because they are “too wild”.

As I was getting off at my stop a dapper fellow went out of his way to tell me my shoes were fabulous.

How awesome is that?!

I walked with an extra pep in my step in my too wild, fabulous shoes.



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I didn’t think that when I started this category that all my CODs would come from Joey.

I forgot to do #2 last week when it happened. I suck, I know.

I can’t remember the context, but #2 is, “You’re like a feral cat!”

Dude! How awesome is that?!

You are so jealous. I know.

COD #3

Tonight while laying in bed, I am bitching at him about a habit of his that irritates me. He tells me to stop being crazy and says, “Can we get you a lobotomy? How much does that cost?”

Hmmm…I don’t know, let me look into that for you.


Mama needs her frontal lobe for crafts and shit.

P.S. Manfriend=is when your significant other is too old to continue being called your boyfriend. Thank Carrie Bradshaw for that one.

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COD #1

Scared you for a second there, didn’t I?

No, I am not a gamer and I am not referring to Call of Duty.

My COD = Compliment of the Day. (sarcasm font)

Compliment of the Day is one of those things that people say to you that they really shouldn’t or is phrased in a way that just doesn’t sound right.

Here are some examples from when I was pregnant (I’m sure all you moms out there can relate):

“WOW, last time I saw you I didn’t think you could get any bigger. Boy, was I wrong.”

Ummm…thanks, you old sea hag.

“I just noticed how small your boobies are, you sure there is only one baby in there?”

Wait, what? Breast size has correlation to number of fetuses?! This came from a woman who has never had children.

So, without further delay here is COD #1.

We watched Larry Crowne on demand tonight.

If you haven’t seen it I won’t give any spoilers but Julia Roberts plays a disenchanted college professor who is quite angry, bitter, bitchy, jaded, and a bit of a lush.

My oh so lovely husman says “She has the same personality as you.”

Thanks babe!

Update: Joey informed me that most normal people would think COD was cash on delivery before Call of Duty. Those people weren’t married to a video game addict. I still have dreams where I hear “Locked and Loaded”; stab me in the face! 😉

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