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This week is based on my current favorite colors starting with chartreuse.

Chartreuse was a color that I disliked prior to becoming pregnant. Once pregnant it became a favorite and enhanced my liking of many shades of green.


1, 2 & 3

1. Is that not the sweetest little ring bearer pillow you have ever seen? I can picture my little man carrying it in a suit when Joey and I finally decide to tie the knot. This pillow has established chartreuse as a wedding color. How do you ladies (A,A,S,S,E, & T) feel about chartreuse bridesmaid dresses?!

2. I’ve become a huge fan of scarfs since moving to the bay area due to the fact that you can wear them year round. This beauty is absolutely fierce and deserves to be shown off.

3. This satin bolster is quite the pretty lady. She would be a fantastic start in making our bed look like I even made an attempt. 😉 You saw it looking like a hot mess here.

Purple has always been my #1 favorite color. I even painted a bedroom in my first apartment dark purple with lavender trim and ceiling. I was 19. Enough said.


1, 2 & 3

1. I love hats and hats on babies, to die for. This bonnet is reversible and can be full as shown or folded back to frame the face.

2. There are several places where Joey, has shown me the error of my ways and art is one of them. Prior to knowing Joey I didn’t give art much thought and hung mass produced “art”. He loathes what he refers to as Target art and still makes fun of me for liking it. This piece here is an original and is so very pretty and feminine. It would only be able to hang in my mom cave that I hope to have one day. BTW why is a woman’s private space called a mom cave and a mans is called a man cave?

3. Ikat is all the rage right now without having a chevron issue. This pillow also belongs in my mom cave.

Teal/aqua has always hung on the edges as a color I like. When I was a kid I loved those pens that came in a six pack with purple, pink, and aqua. Does anyone remember those?


1, 2 & 3

1. Couch pillow; cute print and throwing in some chartreuse as well.

2. An original and strikes me as very somber with a dash of mystery. Love.

3. Elephants always remind me of my mama not sure why this one spoke to me particularly.

Any color/color combinations you are addicted to right and want to turn me on to?


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This post is late because I thought it was Thursday.



Awesome how that worked out, woot woot!

It’s date night with my boys and I am psyched.

On to my faves this week.



1. There is only one for the tote/diaper bag section. I know I usually offer three options but when I went in search of a bag I fell in love with this one. Traditional diaper bags make me want to throw up (in a bad way) and the bag I was using fell apart in the washing machine. I want this one.

1 & 2

1. I was salivating over this wine rack in the Pottery Barn catalog that came in the mail yesterday. The price was CRAZYTOWN!

2. Holy moley, it’s very similar at a great price!

1 & 2

1. I think I want to try making one of these for Leo’s closet.

2. Child’s library on wheels?! Too cute.

1, 2 & 3

Christmas in July! You know you love it!

1. I’m a total sucker for new baby photo, prop crap.

2. A beautiful tree skirt is on my list this year. We used a sheet last year because I wasn’t willing to settle on the gross ones that were out.

3. These little guys are freaking adorable.

What are your faves this week?

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It’s Friday! Woot woot!

20120713-074958.jpg 1, 2 & 3

1. These tutus are why I should never be the mother of girls. EVERY. DAY. 2. Who doesn’t have the hots for bacon? 3. I was thinking of a solution for the latch issue and low and behold some other crafty mom figured it out for me.

20120713-080819.jpg 1, 2 & 3

I’m a sucker for dangly earrings; this trio falls into that category and makes mamas credit card beg for some hot swiping action.

20120713-080835.jpg 1, 2 & 3

I have a bit of a reputation for sending thank you cards. I have even been called “The thank you card queen”; not sure if that is positive or not. Chances are if you are in my life and part of my circle I have sent you one or many.

1. Hilarious and fits my personality to a T.

2. Makes me want to do up some thank you cards with our family symbol (the tree in my blog header).

3. I freaking love that Octopus!

What are your faves this week?!

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Most of you are familiar with Etsy and are as obsessed as I am. For those of you who are not on that train click HERE right now and check it out.

As I said in an earlier post I am going through a 70s retro phase and have saved items in my Etsy favorites section.

I love seeing the handpicked items on Etsy when you first open the site and decided that I am putting together my own handpicked items post.

Here we go.

Vintage Lighting for Leo’s nursery:

Clockwise: 1, 2, 3 & 4

I want to hang #1 in his closet/changing room and put #4 (with a different lampshade of course) on the table next to the glider.

Lion items for Leo’s nursery:

Clockwise: 1, 2, & 3

If his door was not hollow core I would hang either 1 or 2 on it and the bowl I would use on his to hold ummm…I would find something to put in there. HA!

Vintage Owl necklaces for me:

1,2 & 3

I’ll take any of the above as gifts! HINT. HA HA!

Weird Stuff I want:

Clockwise 1, 2 & 3

I don’t know why I like the fish so much but I am thinking of pimping Joey out to pay for it. Any takers?!

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