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Reilly the Rhino

Reilly the Rhino left this morning to go live in Brea, Ca!



This is what poor Leo’s wall looks like now. We will have to get busy replacing them.

A naked wall is a sign of success however small that may be.


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You may remember when I mentioned that we made our first sale on my Etsy shop Hangimals.

Well…we’ve made a couple more.

As you know Aidan went to live in New York which is fitting if you’re a Sex In The City fan.


Zach is on his way to live in Louisiana.


Our first custom order came in and her name is Penelope the Poodle. She came in the post today.

She will be decapitated shortly and will be on her way to live on Seattle in the morning.

I have had another custom request this time to match a specific finish.

Restoration Hardware’s Jourdan



The requestor is going to send me a swatch and I’m going to give it my best shot.

It feels so good that people want something I made.

I can’t believe it!

Makes me want to create other things to sell.

I’ll update you on future sales and additional creations.

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Our First Sale!

Remember when I created some artwork for Leo’s room with stuffed animal heads?

Joey convinced me that we could sell them on Etsy.

We opened up our store and named it Hangimals.

We made our first sale!

Aiden the Alligator is now on his way to New York City!


I love that someone wanted something I made!

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