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Charlotte’s Introduction
Update #1
Update #2

I love maps and wanted to incorporate them into the gallery wall.

They needed to have meaning and I wanted two.

The vintage section of Etsy came to my rescue cuing up old road atlases.


I found two; copyrighted in the years of Joey and mine’s birth.

I ripped out the states we were born in and BAM!





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Update: Fall Mantle

One of the pumpkins on the bottom of my fall mantle centerpiece started to get moldy.

Like a genius I put it outside and thought to myself I’ll deal with that tomorrow.

Five rain filled days later this marinating petri dish of primordial ooze awaits me.


Doesn’t look so bad from that distance so I took a close up for you.


You’re welcome!

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My fall mantle is up.

Figured I should show it to you since it’s almost time for a Christmas mantle.

Forgive the highly reflective tile.

Break down:

Fall colored leaf/mini pumpkin garlands purchased last year at Michael’s for $10.

Small wood table and cheese dome are Pottery Barn purchases from years ago.

The tall cylindric glass vase is Joey’s moms.

The bird candlestick was a gift from my mom while she was visiting for Leo’s birthday.

The black twine holder was found at the Rose Bowl Flea Market for $10 a couple years back.

The Hope was a Target find long before it became synonymous with Obama’s 2008 election campaign.

The scarecrow was given to Leo as a free gift with purchase at a garage sale. Wtf, right?! Haha.

The pumpkins, gourds and wheat were purchased at Safeway for $20.

I feel like it needs a little something else but can’t put my finger on it.

The first photo is what you put on a blog; this one is reality.


Toys and fire place blocker. Yup, I’m the mom of a one year old.

Have you decorated for fall?

Update: I noticed that the scarecrow mentioned is strangely AWOL. No idea where it went.

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It took me almost four months to complete the gallery wall; school and work have me busier than normal.

You can see the slow progress here and here.

Now that Leo is one, I chose to use photos of me and Joey when we were about the same age.

Joey with his mother.


Me and my mom (Bird is in mama’s belly!).


How awesome is using old family photos?!

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FINALLY starting to fill all of those IKEA frames above Charlotte, the large center frame needed to be first due to it being the anchor of the layout.

I purchased some vinyl lettering on Etsy (surprised?) and took forever to decide what font and size I wanted. It came in the mail yesterday and I worked on putting it all together while Joey made dinner (Love him).



After the fact I do realize that the date is a little wonky-eskew, not sure if I can fix it without ruining the letters. Oh and there is a fingerprint? smudge in the upper right.


All of the items are from our Santa Monica apartment. The photo is of my nook, the 7 is the apartment number, and the keys opened the gate and the door.

The date we moved in fell on Bird’s birthday although I don’t remember.

Bird, did I call you?!

Anyway we got a huge moving truck and picked up my stuff out of storage in Burbank, why my stuff was all in storage is a story for another day.

Drove to Joey’s Venice apartment, collected all his stuff which took forever because the street he lived on was a sidewalk. If you are familiar with Venice you know what I am talking about, if not just know space is TIGHT on the beach. They cram rows and rows of apartment buildings using sidewalks and super narrow alleys to access them. The poor movers had to carry all his crap an extra half block to get to the moving truck.

The now jam packed truck is expertly driven by Joey to the new apartment.

The Santa Monica apartment.

I can’t tell you how much we LOVED this place. It was the PERFECT location, 8 blocks from the beach between Wilshire and Montana and it was a steal at $2050 a month.

I know those of you that don’t live in big cities are saying “this girl is f*cking crazy!”

It really was a bargain. Two bedrooms, two bathrooms, two parking spaces, hardwood floors, HUGE and hadn’t been updated EVER. We even had a view of a parking lot vs the side of a building.

It was glorious.

The location had a crazy high walk score and we could walk everywhere and we did. To the beach, to third street promenade, Montana Avenue, the grocery store, etc.

Santa Monica is famous for the weather, with a year round temperature of about 67 degrees. Colder at night in the winter and maybe up to 80 degrees on the very hottest day of the year.

All of the above is not the reason why our apartment made a place on the Charlotte gallery wall.

We became a family there.

Joey and I signed a lease together which in Los Angeles is SERIOUS. I am laughing at myself as I tell you that but it’s true. Signing a lease in L.A. is like getting married in some places.

Best of all my darling, angel baby Leo was conceived (TMI?) there.

I spent 7 months of my pregnancy in that apartment lounging in my nook.

We were incredibly sad to leave but as most parents do, you make sacrifices to better your children’s lives.

Any of you have stories of where you became a family?

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You met Charlotte and have seen how the space around her is just absolutely bare.

I know gallery walls are everywhere right now and I have always been a huge fan of hanging a ton of crap on the walls.

Win-win there!

Empty wall space makes a home sad and boring.

I’ve never lived somewhere with vaulted ceilings and I wasn’t sure what the trick was to avoid sad and boring.

Go high my friends, go high.

I took some birthday money and went to IKEA and bought some of their frames in black.

Fabulous looking and at a great price.

I bought pairs in different sizes not really knowing what my game plan was.

I do that a lot, I’m a fly by the seat of my pants kind of a gal.


I traced the frames onto newspaper and taped them up above Charlotte.


Happy accident that the layout came together so great.

Since the Charlotte nook is my “mom cave”, I am filling the frames with things that are important to me.

Will update as I fill each frame and tell you a story about it.

Just know now that I’m a sentimental fool.

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I have been told recently by my brother-in-law that I am the most sentimental person he has ever met.

If you read my Etsy faves from two weeks ago you would know that I am in a retro 70s phase. I asked my mama here to find a foursome of owls that hung on the walls in every house I lived in growing up.

It took some digging but she found them and sent them with my sister Bird, who visited for my birthday.

I hung them in my Charlotte nook, shed a few tears for nostalgia and love seeing them when I’m blogging. Makes my sentimental heart so happy.


Do you have anything hanging in your house that was your Mama’s?

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