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His first eviction was out of my belly. I told him it was time to get out and he did, the next day.

His second eviction was from our room, which is where the Ferber comes in.

I talked about how that was going here and we now have two solid nights under our belts. Fingers crossed that he is good to go.

Along with him no longer sleeping in our room, I wanted to get his stuff (rocker, changing table, toys, etc.) out as well.

I told Joey, about my plan and we agreed that we would tackle this eviction over Memorial weekend.

You know how moving one piece of furniture often times means moving another piece?

Well that is not what happened here.

We ended up moving nearly every (slight exaggeration) piece of furniture in the house, not once but several times.

We live in a multi level condo.

My leg-body connector (another one of my technical terms)still hurts and I was hobbling the next day.

Here are the before pictures:

This is our room. Forgive the lovely bedding; since we purchased the new bed (which I talked about here) we haven’t found new stuff that we like that is in our budget.

Box springs is a good look.

Here is the Leo station.

Different angles.

The frames above the bed, I found at the Goodwill for $29 each. The prints are of the Flat Iron Building in New York and Philadelphia City Hall in Philadelphia (obviously). Joey took those photos on the trip that cemented our relationship, when I look at them they make me feel so happy.

Dresser: found at a thrift store in LA, they delivered it for a total of $65
Owl Art: my push gift to myself found on Etsy for $25
Cheapo Metal Filing Cabinet: $44 (would like to find a vintage one but they are pricey)

Here is Leo’s Nursery.

Needing a bed skirt is going around in our house. The darker blue wall on the right photographs weird; we were painting this room when I was nine months pregnant. NOT a good look.

In the upper right corner there is a smidge of an awesome sign, that I found on Etsy.

Those are Joey’s parents (a photo of my parents is on the opposite wall) when they were together and the artwork was made for Leo, by his grandma’s bf.

Love how Joey puts Leo’s books and toys away?!

I want to find fabric that has the green color that you see in the lantern below and make have a crib skirt made.

Ceiling is vaulted and this is looking straight up. I think it needs to be fuller so I might be adding more.

Both rooms are incomplete and slightly BORING. I will be adding to them and attempting to spice it it up. I am at a bit of a loss with the nursery, as this is the first one I have done. I’m not into the overly themed or “corporate” look, so my goal will be trying to find stuff that I like that can transfer to a big boy room or onto the next baby’s nursery. The blues with the orange, yellow and green (Joey’s idea) are a bit wild for me, but we figure that it will all come together and Leo’s nursery, should be whimsical and playful.

I am working on a project (that I saw at a high end toy store in San Francisco) for Leo’s room, that will fix the wall that has the banner from his baby shower.  The idea has been getting mixed reviews; I love it, but I am kind of sick and twisted different. I have purchased the items I will be using and am waiting for them to arrive. EXCITED!

When the rooms are cleaned up and organized I will post “After the Eviction” photos.

Any input on the nursery??


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