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We had originally been using a rolling beverage cart (garage sale find) as toy storage in Leo’s nursery.

I didn’t like the amount of floor space it was taking up in addition to it being the wrong color.

I didn’t want to paint it because I love the original color.

It had to be replaced.

Goals for new toy storage:

– Small footprint
– Easy accessibility
– Large capacity
– Fit the style of his room

A couple of weeks ago my mom, Leo and I were heading home from shopping and saw a yard sale.

I spotted this bad boy and hurriedly sent this picture to Joey.


Score at $20 (Thanks Gigi!) seeing as I found this one on EBay for $95.

AND it fits all four of my goals!

Woot woot!

A can of spray paint and it now matches the rest of the furniture.

I want to spray paint the red buckets and make them orange to fit in with the color scheme. Joey has given that idea the thumbs down but I’m still considering it.

Did not “style” the shelf as Leo is a destroyer and toys are cute without assistance.


I love a quick and easy project!


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I have talked about how I am not fan of naked walls and the crib wall in Leo’s nursery has a huge naked spot.

It’s been driving me crazy.

We crusied over to Michael’s, picked up some crafty stuff for another project and snagged a HUGE canvas.

I poured the paint from his shelves into different containers, let him dip his hands in it and crawl around on the canvas.

Grasping his hands together and swinging his arms up and down. He does that when excited.

Not only is Sharky a photo bomber but she is also an art bomber!

Poor Sharky is also missing a chunk or hair and the surrounding area is covered in paint. Leo was trying to pet and paint at the same time. We talked about focusing on one thing at a time, I am sure you know how that conversation went.

The grand finale:

Not sure that I am completely in love with the end result but am willing to live with it for awhile and see.

How do you like Leo’s smudged footprint a.k.a. his signature?

Note: This project was done in early August. I forgot about this post. I am totally with the program.

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I posted about this “Operation” about a week and a half ago forever ago. I managed to finish the skirt that weekend.

I searched high and low for the perfect one, finding only colors that didn’t work and patterns that were way too busy or cartoonish.

I found a gal on Etsy who would sew a crib skirt for me with my fabric.


I went out and bought the fabric and then decided that I wanted to do it myself.

While I was telling Joey of my decision and letting him know that I needed to purchase a sewing machine.

My mother-in-law who was in town overheard our conversation and said she would bring me her Mother’s sewing machine.

I love that I made something for Leo using a machine that his great-grandmother (who sadly passed before getting to meet Leo) sewed on.

I haven’t sewed in years and when I did it was a wretched experience.

8th grade Home Ec, project was a Komodo dragon? (Some weird lizard-ish thing).

Anyway I f*cked up the one arm so bad by unstitching and restitching that the fabric was no longer usable.

My mom took me to the fabric store to get more only to discover that my specific fabric (which was wedgewood blue and mauve, 14 year old me had impeccable taste) was sold out.

My poor dragon ended up having an arm sewed by my mother that was a completely different color.

Hell, my mom probably sewed the whole damn thing. I remember crying and throwing a fit about it.

Teenagers suck.

Awesome childhood tangent, right?!

In order to not have a repeat of the above I did some googling and youtubing. Came across this tutorial here and this YouTube video.

Mashed it all together in my mind and managed to create a crib skirt.


Not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but I’m happy.

Next sewing project: blackout curtains for Leo’s nursery.

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Here is the promised post, I’ve been getting harassed to finish this project. I won’t name any names.


Excuse me, little tickle in my throat.

The book explosion has sorta been taken care of.

When I was loading up the shelves with books Joey reminded me that we had a ton more downstairs.


Only the naked blue wall has been addressed and it looks like I threw a 5 gallon bucket of rainbow sherbet at it.

Which doesn’t surprise me because I was addicted to that crap when I was pregnant. Manifested into nursery colors. I know, I’m crazytown but you love it!

Here are the shelves, don’t mind the cart of toys. Temporary solution as my next building project will be a cubby shelve for the other side of the room.



*The cost break down:

Wood – $36
Brackets – $6
Paint – $60 (1 gallon of green and 1 small size of each yellow and orange)
Poly – Already had

Would be less expensive to do one color, but I plan on using the paint on future nursery projects. Even with the paint I don’t know where you can buy two 6′ shelves and one 8′ shelve for $102.

That’s a deal, Silvia!!

Woot woot! I’ve been waiting to bust that out on my blog. Haha! Completely looking like the crazy person on BART laughing out loud to myself.

The art work behind the “L” hung in Joey’s room as a little boy and is only missing the green color we are using. Next weekend I plan on re-painting it to incorporate green in that area and to make it stand out. Right now it is just sort of blending in.

I have a ton of stuff still to do, seems like the more projects I complete the more ideas I have.

Quality problem as Joey would say. 😉

Nursery list of things to do:

Paint “L” green
-Tear apart closet/changing table area. – Paint interior of closet. – Potentially stencil
– Build out some shelving (galvanized
pipe shelving that are all over)
– Play mobile to distract Leo during
diaper changes
– Cute storage solutions
– Lighting
– Build cubby shelve
– Toy storage containers
– Magnetic wall treatment below book
– Crib skirt
– Black out curtains
– Rug
– More wall hangings (I LOVE tons of crap on the walls) It’s my mom’s fault.

Love you, Sandysan!

*estimates based on memory since I don’t have my receipts on the train.

You guys building anything these days?

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Book Explosion

Leo has tons and tons of books courtesy of his Babushka, who saved many from Joey and his brother’s childhoods.

His book shelf (cheapo bought for the Santa Monica apartment for $20) often looks like this.


You can imagine how crazy it makes me.

The other day cruising on Pinterest, I find this picture.


Angels were singing in my head when I saw it.

This will fix two of my issues; one being the above book explosion and the other being the naked wall I have mentioned here and here.

I decided to build my own shelves and started over my weekend.

I mentioned my glee over using power tools after my long baby sabbatical.

The first shelf is done.

Two to go and I will update you when complete.

It looks awesome. Woot woot!

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If you were wondering what the h-e double hockey sticks I was talking about when I mentioned treason and execution, here is what happened…

On Joey’s birthday we went and had a picnic in Golden Gate Park and made our way to Valencia Street in the Mission.

We strolled into this high end toy store (that I can’t for the life of me remember what the name is) that displays art of local artists that is also for sale along with the toys.

I saw an item that inspired me to round up a bunch of animals, frame them for crimes that they did not commit, try them for treason, and execute them Anne Boleyn style.

Before you call the police and PETA to turn me in for animal cruetly let me just say that they were all STUFFED.

Here is the end result that I couldn’t be happier with and Leo’s nursery is finally coming along. I know he is 8.5 months old, so I’m slow.

The first photo has a WOOT WOOT moment for me. It screams “I’m looking good, baby!”

I have gotten some mixed reviews on the mounts with questions like “what did you do with the butts?”

Obviously a crib skirt and some more wall decor is needed and maybe a rug in front of the crib but I am dang happy with how it is coming along.

Now if you were to walk into the room and look to the right I would get a big WHAMMY!

The huge blue and naked wall is still there, winking at me every day.

What do you think about the mounts?

P.S. No animals were harmed in the making of this wall/art display.

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AD #5

The plan: Roseville

Habitat for Humanity Restore

Hobby Lobby

– Napa (bimonthly pickup)

Not every plan actually works out and often times it turns into a comedy of errors (I’ll have to tell you about our biggest one ever later).

This AD falls into the latter category.

We drove to Roseville which is a suburb of Sacramento and is only a destination because of the two stores I listed above.

Half way there we realized that we forgot the ergo and the stroller. Good planning guys.

I had forgotten that I had a telephone meeting scheduled with a career counselor at one. We had just passed our destination (Joey is an AWFUL navigator) when she called me.

45 bang my head on the damn steering wheel frustrating minutes later we were on our way.

The Roseville Restore is in this HUGE industrial park and is incredibly hard to find.

We finally arrive and this is what we see.

WTF?! Super bummer and I feel dumb. Who drives 80 miles without checking store times?!


We regroup and head to the Hobby Lobby.

We look up the directions and once again drive past our destination (guess who is navigating?).

My mission is to find things for current and future projects.

I was feeling aggravated and stressed due to the career counselor call and could not focus on the task at hand.

Over the past year or so I collected some items to create a shadow box of sorts for a friend of ours. Joey squashed the idea telling me that he thinks shadow boxes are super lame.


I bought a regular frame and laid it out, what do you think?

Sorry for the Bad IPhone pic (SBI)

Leo is always a big hit wherever we go, “look at all that hair” yada yada yada.

This marvelous day our handsome little boy dressed in BLUE was referred to as a female TWICE.


Bright spot of the day: we stumble upon this super cute find.

Leo the Photobomber liked them too!

At 50% off giving us a “It’s a deal Silvia” at less than 8 smackers, I think they will make a great addition to the nursery.

We stopped for lunch at Chevy’s which I pronounce incorrectly as Che-vies like Chevy Chase.

Nothing makes a day better than some chips & salsa and some beer.

Leo got a little jealous and grabbed onto Joey’s beer and dumped the entire glass into his face and all over his outfit.


At the end of the day we had 180 miles under our belts to go to a craft store and eat a chain restaurant.

Even though things didn’t go the way I had planned (I plan like Joey navigates) we spent the day together as a family.

What is better than that?

For future ADs I will leave the planning to Joey and handle the navigation myself.

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