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11 months

I am a week late in this post, but we did take the pictures on time.

Leo is now 11 months old and the countdown of his first year of life has begun.

A year is a blip of time and you don’t truly know that until you have children. I have already started thinking about #2 which means I am obsessing about baby names more than usual. Will save that for another post.

Leo is approximately 20 pounds and is getting taller and taller. His nine month clothes had to be retired due to them being too short. Quite funny looking when they are an 1-3 inches short but then look like clown outfit in the body. Tall and skinny. I’m jealous. 😉

He has four teeth on the top and four teeth on the bottom. Been acting a bit crazy the last week or so; I suspect a molar.

His hair is still uncut and looks like a hot mess. The back is starting to fill in and grow longer down his neck.

He is FINALLY getting on the solid food train. Which has been more frustrating for Joey then it is for me. He likes chicken, sweet potatoes, yogurt, corn, but his all time favorite is noodles. Kid is a carb whore already. Sounds familiar.

He has struggled a lot trying to work out the pincer move when picking up food. We started getting really excited when he was actually able to pick up a piece of food and get it in his mouth that we would clap and say “YAY!”. Now he thinks every bite is a time for celebrating.

Due to him eating more and more solids and less formula/breastmilk he has been having toxic poop which created his first diaper rash. Which was truly awful. Screaming his head off during a diaper change; there were lots of tears, some were mine.

He loves to play and does so by himself very well. He has a basket of toys in the living room that he digs through and sometimes climbs in. His favorite toys right now are: an orange monkey on wheels, yellow and blue dump truck and these wooden balls.

The monkey gets the most action. I think because Leo has a major obsession with wheels and since the monkey is soft he can carry the monkey in his mouth as he crawls around.

Leo is a fantastic crawler; super fast and all over the place. He can climb up the ladder at gymboree and go up the stairs like a champ.

He is not standing on his own and still has an issue with reverse. I have been trying to teach him how to go down the stairs and it is quite dangerous.

He has already given up the bath for the shower. The bath makes him scream like we are trying to drown him. Now he just crawls around in the bathtub and plays with toys while one of us showers and he gets rained on. I have a new trick when rinsing him saying that the water is tickling him which makes him laugh.

Taught him how to high five yesterday which is so cute. He won’t wave bye-bye, but is an expert clapper.

We are NOT sleeping through the night. Disaster. We totally suck at being strong with the Ferber method.

Here is his 11 month photo:

Runner up:

Out takes:

Loving the hot mess hair!

Joey posted this one on facebook and someone thought his blocks on the right was a ring box, hence Leo’s excitement.

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10 months

Mr. Leo is ten months today and this week also marks a year in the Bay area.

Can you believe that we have already been here a year?! Feels like we just left.

My Leo has changed so much, he is becoming a little person.

He has FINALLY started sleeping through the night which is freaking amazing and shocking to us. Joey woke me up in the middle of the night asking if Leo had woken up. Seriously?! DUDE GO TO SLEEP! I wanted to read him this book my girlfriend bought me for Leo called “Go the fuck to sleep!”Haha!

We’ve tried to create routine for Leo and stick to as much as possible and now he falls asleep almost instantly when the routine is over. Next baby we will start much earlier.

Leo’s FAVES:

T.V. Show: The Good Night Show with Nina on Sprouts (Leo has a baby crush on her)

Commercial: Dream Lites – definitely click that link; you’ll want to jam a pencil in your ear.

Foods: Chicken and Chocolate Pudding (Joey’s fault)

Colors: Yellow and purple

Toys: Balls with holes in them from Gymboree and awesome Melissa & Doug Alligator Walker 

Not sure why flash was on; ball is actually a bright orange.

Not a toy thing he loves: The Vacuum, Tin Candle Lid, and purple hairspray bottle. He will chase the vacuum around the living room when one of us is vacuuming and the other two items, I don’t know. Neither is exciting in any way and he just loves both. Still loving the dishwasher and throws a mean tantrum when we pull him away from it.

Weird kid.

Activities: Swimming and Peek-a-boo

Disclaimer: Not a child floatation device. This is for your ice chest full of beer and those corner holes are individual beer holders. The damn thing was on sale at Wal-Shart (I fucking hate that place) for $7.

Animals: Cats and Dogs. Loves when Sharky (side note: she is a hussy and gets around town; friend of ours sent us a picture of Sharky visiting her (the friend not Sharky’s) grandpa’s house) comes to visit; he will sit by the sliding door and chatter at her. When we visit family that have dogs, he laughs and laughs when he gets doggy kisses.

Has yet to learn gentle; actually attacked a friends baby in the same way. Eek!


Cuddling (super frowny face for mommy), being strapped into his highchair, car seat, and stroller, getting a diaper change, shirts being pulled over his head and touching grass.

Last night though he cuddled me for ten minutes. He laid his messy mop of hair on my shoulder and nuzzled into my neck and let me hold him and cuddle him. I think he allowed me ten minutes and that was it because when time was up he was back to his wiggle worm, throw himself out of my arms self. After I put him in his crib, I went down and told Joey and sobbed like a baby. Almost an ugly cry over it. I will remember that ten minutes until the day I die.

He loves watching older kids play and laughs and smiles when they laugh and smile.

He says ma-ma, da-da and ba-ba, but we don’t consider those his first words. We are waiting until we can tell that he means exactly what he is saying.

His babushka taught him how to clap and now he does so when excited.

Here is his ten month photo:

I think it was a tie for first place with this one….

BUT Joey made an executive decision and said the first one was the winner.

Here are the out takes:

I have gone a little overboard with photos; I will share two more from this month and then I am done. PROMISE.

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9 Months

Leo turned nine months on Tuesday last week and wow is my baby getting big. We went to his nine month appointment and he is finally starting to catch up with other kidlets his age. He is now in the 75th percentile for height which I had noticed, I swear he shot up in the last week.

We were worried about a bump on his head that started out as a little red dot that became raised between 2-6 months. Then the bump doubled in size overnight and had us really concerned.

I spoke with the doctor about it and he said that it is a capillary hemangioma; he told me not to google it because I would upset myself. What was the first thing I did when I got home?! We are actually very lucky that Leo’s hemangioma is minor and in his hair so nobody actually notices it unless they touch his head.

Leo is speed crawling, pulling himself up and surfing between furniture. I’m betting he starts walking at ten months!

He LOVES the Goodnight Show on Sprouts; I think he has his first crush on Nina. He can be in full melt down mode and if he hears her voice he instantly calms and crawls over to the t.v. to give her his complete attention.

His personality is starting to come through and this kid is definitely my son. He is STUBBORN. Sometimes it is hilarious and other times it is frustrating.

Anything non toy related is way cooler than his actual toys. The vacuum! He is obsessed with the vacuum; he wants to touch it and chase it which is hilarious. Yesterday, I put the hose attachment on and was letting it suck his skin all over which I thought would be scary as hell. Nope, he freaking loved it and was giggling the whole time. He wants to be INSIDE the dishwasher, when the door is down he crawls on top of it and tries to get inside. He likes all of the buttons on the DVR box and is constantly changing channels and putting the t.v. on settings I don’t know how to get back from.

When he is tired he blows raspberries on my skin while he sings his good night song to himself. Makes my heart melt.

If he wants Joey’s attention and feels like he isn’t getting it quick enough or Joey is across the aisle at the store he will make a grunting noise. Joey will grunt back and we have a full on grunt session going. He doesn’t do it for me. I love how him and his Daddy have their own special, albeit strange thing going on.

He loves being around other kids. At Gymboree he crawls up to other kidlets and wants to touch them; sometimes not so nicely but I think it’s all out of curiosity.

I could probably go on for days about how awesome he is, so I will stop myself here and give you his 9 month picture.

This one was chosen because it is indicative of his “ignore mommy and daddy” behavior. He knows you are calling him and he doesn’t give a “f”. This is where the frustrating part of him being stubborn comes in.

Here are my favorites from the rest of the shoot.

Usually he doesn’t have a prop but he LOVES the color yellow and wouldn’t give this bubble stick up and when I took it away from him this is what I got.

Then things got worse.

I win bad mom of the year award for this one. I’m still upset about this and the evidence of it happening lingers on his poor face.

I was more than an arms length away from him and he flipped himself over the arm of that chair.

I didn’t catch him in time.

He landed so awkwardly…oh god. Killing me to recall it.

He screamed his head off and I thought for sure he had broken his neck or was completely damaged in some other way.

I feel like this reads a tad dramatic and maybe it is but it was our first bad fall and was so incredibly scary.

After giving him the boob he calmed down and became our normal little boy again after awhile. We watched him for dilated eyes and anything out of the normal.

Besides the huge strawberry goose-egg  on his face and a bit of a weird red bruise on his nose he was fine.

Now that you have read that awesome saga and judged me, you can click here to see the rest of his monthly pics.

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8 Months

07/07/2012 – Leo joined the 8 month old club.

Joey took the helm this month and grabbed the camera, blocks and blanket. High five Jojo!

I made my first attempt at photoshopping. I think I did pretty good teaching myself via youtube videos and trial and error.

Can you tell that there were bright blue garbage cans and some green utility type thing (I am at a loss as to what that thing actually is) that used to be in the photos?

Here is his 8 month shot.

The Runner Ups

Supported stander.

I feel like this one captures his personality.

Started crawling with his belly off the floor on 07/04.

Check out his growth from birth here.

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My darling little alien love monkey baby turned seven months on Thursday.

His reverse mullet is getting better the party is spreading to the back of his head and he has three bottom teeth, which the little punk used to BITE me with. Actually today he was quite abusive, I was trying to get him to go back to sleep this morning and he wasn’t having it so he head butted me in the mouth.

Fat lips are all the rage.

Always showing you how pretty I am. Dude, no makeup first thing in the morning is SO not a good look.

We did his monthly photo shoot with the help of his Auntie Bird and here is his 7mth shot.

The Runner Ups

Trying to escape but doesn’t like the feel of grass on his skin. Face plant!

Male model?

The first attempt favorites that I realized didn’t work because you couldn’t see how much he has grown.


Always with the tongue



Check out Leo’s monthlies to see him from utero.

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6 months

6 months

Monday was a BIG and busy day for us. Leo turned six months old, he had a doctor’s appointment and we had an AD!

I prepare Leo, starting a few days in advance by telling him that we are going to see Dr. W. How exciting that is and how much we like him. I hope that this will help him see doctors and visits as a positive thing.

Dr. W has a fantastic bedside manner and is great with Leo. He examined Leo and answered all of our questions and informed us that we should start Leo on solid foods. We were provided with a printout as to which foods (rice cereal) to start with and how to add different foods later on.

I just don’t feel right about starting with rice, this just does not make sense to me. I have some research to do; I will update when I figure out what it is that I want to do.

The appointment ended with Leo receiving his shots which was quite traumatic for me us. Seeing him cry in pain is so difficult to watch, I am have become such a sap.

When we got home I took his six month photo in the backyard. Again the kid LOVES being outside, he cooed and talked the whole time.

Here is his six month picture.

Here are the photos that didn’t make the cut, that I think are fabulous (I am a smidge biased).

Fish out of water!

Created a page for his monthlies here.

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