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I was pre-gaming a dinner party with two buck chuck and a friend a couple of weeks ago when the friend said the most bizarre thing to me. She said “…you and Joey are minimalists…”.


I wasn’t sure how to take that and wasn’t sure how I felt about it.

I didn’t say anything.

Shocking, I know.

I talked about it with Joey the next day and it certainly has been on my brain since.


– Why does she think we are minimalists?
– Do I know anyone I would consider a minimalist?
– Do I consider myself a minimalist?


– She lives in a world that is all about “keeping up with the Joneses” and I do not.
– No. I remember a guy I used to work with tell me that he didn’t have a T.V. or a car by choice. This was crazytown to my then 20 year old self.
– No. Although, it is very appealing to me and I would like to see myself have a more minimalist type lifestyle.

Recently there was a 31 day challenge that went through blogland that required the blogger to do the same thing every day for 31 days.*

I follow Raising Colorado and her 31 days was all about “tidying up the joint, one mess at a time”.


I’m going to go tell her right now that I loved it.

Ok done! She has inspired me to tidy up my own joint!

Not digressing I promise.

Using Raising Colorado’s challenge , I can be on my way to a more minimalist type lifestyle (I need a nickname for this).

I won’t do one every day and I am going to start with what I refer to as nightstand hell.

It is scary!

*I am sure this description is overly simplistic but I was too lazy to actually look it up.


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