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My sweet angel crawled into the basket and snuggled up with the pillow and clean laundry.


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My baby.

Love this kid with all my heart and soul.


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Leo’s second visit to Santa was highly disappointing for me.

I had high hopes he would lose his mind.

I know, I’m sick and twisted.

Here is the anticlimactic Santa picture.


I may take him again like I did with the Easter Bunny.

I’ll be sure to pinch him as I’m passing him over. 😉

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In my makeshift workshop and I am SO happy!

Projects are coming along swimmingly!


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One year ago to the minute, I was in labor and didn’t know it. Less than 24 hours later my beautiful son joined our lives.

While I lay in bed writing this with his sick little body(double ear infection)wedged up against me, I’m a blessed and thankful everyday that he is here.

Leo has changed me; he has made me a better person.

This photo is a photo I didn’t know existed. Joey’s lovely friend snapped it of us when Leo was about 12 hours old.


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You know you all have that one neighbor who keeps the lights up all year.

Well we have pumpkin people.

In December of last year we noticed that one of our neighbors had pumpkins from Halloween on their porch.

Days, weeks, and finally months went by and they were still there.

They disappeared in late JULY!!

You read that right, I said July.

Here we are a couple weeks before Halloween and guess who got new pumpkins?!


Photo was taken across the street; it’s less creepy that way. 😉

Stay tuned to see how long they stay this time.

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Leo and I set off for our first road trip without Joey.

It was quite an adventure.

I love the windmills that are off the 580.



P.S. This is yesterday’s POD; just in case I post another one today.

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