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The past couple of weeks have been so crazy! Traveling all over the place and seeing lots of my friends and family.

We enjoyed the Winter Wonderland Holiday in Pennsylvania.

We had our first real date night since I was five months pregnant at Annie Bailey’s Irish Pub.

Fantastic joint! Great food, atmosphere and prices.


New Year’s Eve we flew home on a cross country flight that had about 30 kids on it. They all took turns (including Leo) screaming their heads off.

Pulled a “mom of the year” move when Leo threw himself backwards out of my arms.

Smacking his head on the floor.

Three hours of “you’re a shitty mom” stares followed. He was fine and iTimed it for the remainder of the flight.


2013 began with a kidney infection/kidney stone which landed me in the emergency room.

They say its equivalent to child birth, pain wise.

It’s not.

It’s WAY worse.

Feeling 100% now.

Continuing the craziness; Leo and I arrived in Utah this morning and are already having a great time.


My sister Bird is truly the best sister ever.


We shopped and hunted for treasures all day.

We went to two Desert Industries (Utah’s version of the Goodwill) which are way better than thrift stores in California.

I scored two nutcrackers for $2.50 and Bird found Valentine’s Day front door decor for $3.00!

Bird introduced me to a department store called Gordmans which is similar to Kohl’s.

Their Christmas stuff was RIDICULOUSLY cheap!

Here is my bounty for the day coming in at a grand total of $7.71.


Here is Bird’s $3.00 score.


Bird and I will be heading to my bff’s daughter’s baby shower tomorrow!

I LOVE being in Utah! It always feels like big hug welcoming me home when I come.

After reading this disjointed post I realized it should be filed under ramblings.

Whatev! 😉


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Winter Wonderland

We are on vacation in Pennsylvania and it is a winter wonderland.






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