Reilly the Rhino

Reilly the Rhino left this morning to go live in Brea, Ca!



This is what poor Leo’s wall looks like now. We will have to get busy replacing them.

A naked wall is a sign of success however small that may be.


Small Validation

You may remember when I mentioned that we made our first sale on my Etsy shop Hangimals.

Well…we’ve made a couple more.

As you know Aidan went to live in New York which is fitting if you’re a Sex In The City fan.


Zach is on his way to live in Louisiana.


Our first custom order came in and her name is Penelope the Poodle. She came in the post today.

She will be decapitated shortly and will be on her way to live on Seattle in the morning.

I have had another custom request this time to match a specific finish.

Restoration Hardware’s Jourdan



The requestor is going to send me a swatch and I’m going to give it my best shot.

It feels so good that people want something I made.

I can’t believe it!

Makes me want to create other things to sell.

I’ll update you on future sales and additional creations.

20121213-212620.jpg (Source)

I swoon over these door knobs. I want them (probably not these exact ones because the reviews are heinous) on every interior door of my house.

How do you feel about black interior doors?

I swoon some more.

20121213-222815.jpg (Source)

I even love the black stairs.

20121213-223013.jpg (Source)

20121213-223542.jpg (Source)

The brass hardware! I’m on the brass train; I know I can’t believe it either.

20121213-224836.jpg (Source)


Remembering Tripp

I follow Liz at BON TEMPS beignet blog.

Her post today is about the loss of her friends little boy Tripp.

Absolutely broke my heart and has me crying on the train into work.

I can not even imagine losing my Leo.

My thoughts and prayers are going out to Tripp’s mama.

Now do as Liz says and hug your loved ones a little tighter tonight.

If you can’t hug them, call now and tell them you love them.

I’m calling my mama as soon as I get off the train.

My baby.

Love this kid with all my heart and soul.


Last post was over the top bitchy.

To make up for it I will throw in a cat picture.


The red fire extinguisher sign is still staring at me. WTF dude?! Get a life and stare at someone else.

BART Bitch Of The Day

I haven’t done one of these for awhile.

Due to my promotion I am now working nights.

Evening BART patrons are a whole different breed.

I asked Joey to rescue me and he requested creeper shots.


Guy in the hat hasn’t showered in a month and the guy to the right looks like a serial killer.

How about this: I want to stab her in the face.


This bitch has the nerve to clip her fucking nails and pass gas.

If choking a bitch in public was acceptable she would be choked out on the ground.

Now what you didn’t see was the homeless guy with no shoes walking up and down the car begging for money.

Yelling Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

At top volume.

Last but certainly not least and my personal favorite is the shady looking woman who has been asleep since I got on the train.

She is taking up three seats: one for her butt, one for her feet and one for her bag.

She wakes up, realizes that she has missed her stop and starts hysterically crying.

Wailing, actually better describes it.

Perfect topper, I think.


High five BART! Love you all my life.

P.S. For some reason I keep catching this red fire extinguisher sign and think it is someone staring at me.

Paranoid much?!