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The day after we got back from LA we went to the Alameda County Fair; I know you are thinking that we are crazy. Do all that driving and then drive some more, but I have very fond memories of going as a kid and of Joey and I going the first month we were dating.

That fair involved many beers, a bruised tush (me) and Mardi Gras beads.

September 2009

This one was far more tame including the squabbling that comes after a spat; amazing how that happens when you become parents. 😉

Notice the stroller and the back pack/diaper bag.


First stop was grabbing some fair food which was a giant turkey leg for Joey which he chowed down, shaved ice for Bird, carmel apple for me, ice cream for all, and of course some beer.

Leo shared my chocolate dipped ice cream cone, which he loved. Can you tell?!

No fair is complete without beer especially on a hot day.

We visited the barn yard area and Leo got to pet a Lionhead Bunny and smell pig poop.

Not sure if he liked the animals or not but I figure we should expose him to as many things as possible.

The “we all need a picture with Leo” trio.

Here I am again looking all photogenic and shiz!

On the way out Joey wanted to try his luck shooting hoops for a prize.

Three basketballs for $5 and wouldn’t you know it third times a charm and the booth kid tried to hand Joey a HUGE neon green gorilla.

Joey said “no, no, what else do you have?”

I ran up and asked if he had a lion and he disappeared for a moment and brought this guy back.


Good job!

Update: This lion committed treason and was beheaded as punishment.


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