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One year ago to the minute, I was in labor and didn’t know it. Less than 24 hours later my beautiful son joined our lives.

While I lay in bed writing this with his sick little body(double ear infection)wedged up against me, I’m a blessed and thankful everyday that he is here.

Leo has changed me; he has made me a better person.

This photo is a photo I didn’t know existed. Joey’s lovely friend snapped it of us when Leo was about 12 hours old.



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Got home from our road trip (last leg was a nightmare) and found that a package had arrived while we were gone.

The package had stuff in it for Leo’s birthday party.

You know I ripped into that crap immediately and started to put together the items. I want to practice everything so that day of/day before I won’t be freaking out.

The first attempt was a success and I’m quite impressed with myself. 😉

Here is a sneak peek.


Looks like big boob eyes! Haha!

Also, found these awesome styrofoam rings for a buck each at Target! #ihearttarget


Love when a plan comes together!

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