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This post features garden porn.

Alright, now that we got that out of the way.

Joey and I have lived in apartments our entire grown lives, this condo yard is the only thing either of us have ever had that even resembles a garden.

I will refer to our backyard/patio as our garden, as I love the way the british glam it up a bit. You can also call me Madonna for the extent of this post.

When we moved in, I was enourmously pregnant and the garden was EXTREMELY overgrown, this I have no photos of so you will have to take my word for it.

We took a day and trimmed it up and filled 4 or 5 large trash bags and dreamed (that was me) and planned (Joey) about what we would plant when the good weather came around.

This past weekend had glorious sunny 85 degree weather alas, we did our gardening on Monday(which is usually an AD, but we got a late start) and although it was a bright sunny day it was only about 70 degrees.

We slathered Leo up with sunscreen, popped him in his bumbo (kid loves to be outside) and got to work.

There were empty planters and terra cotta pots, some with remnants of past plants in them.

More empties and notice the BBQ which for some reason has resided there. To use the BBQ you had to go down the stairs through the bedroom and out the back slider. EVICTED and relocated to the front balcony which is off the dining room. Makes much more sense now.

This pot was a great find for me.

Peek inside…

How cool is that? I think they are baby bearded dragons but I could be wrong. Anyhow, we opted to not evict them and just pushed the pot up against the side of the condo. These guys like to sun on the steps leading into the house, if I can snag a picture of them doing that, I will have a random dragon sunning post.

After clearing up and talking about what we would plant, we hopped in the jeep (really a BMW I know, but have always referred to it as “the jeep”) and ran to Home Depot.

We ended up liking flowers in reds (me) and yellows (Joey) so we purchased alstroemeria, hibiscus, daisy, marigolds, and more daisy. Also grabbed a bag of potting soil and a new shovel (I broke the one we had in half).

I had a marvelous time digging in the dirt and deciding where we were going to put things.

In the old BBQ corner.



Don’t mind the sock hanging out of the rain pipe; our short term(if seven months counts as short term) solution so that the drip noise doesn’t drive me bat shit crazy when I am trying to sleep.

The back steps.

The red stuff:

Loving the foot action down there.

Another marigold and the hibiscus that we didn’t have a pot large enough for. We are going to make a trek to a local nursery to check out what they have pot wise and small yellowy flower(hopefully snapdragon) wise to fill up that oblong planter on the right. On the far right there is a rosemary bush which will stay and smells AMAZING!

We both like jasmine and honeysuckle, one of each will most likely be coming home with us.

Patio set is nice and has a fire pit in the middle.

Looking forward to nice summer evenings out there with a glass of wine.

I want one of those glider swings but on the cheap, thinking Craigslist.

Last piece is the big plant that grows in this deep gulley section next to the front door. I love it. It gets a little crazy and if not trimmed will hit our guests in the head. It also grows these nasty blue berry type deals. I cut them off.

Through the window is my nook where I am currently writing this post. More on the nooks in my life, later.

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