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AD #4

We went over budget this week so we needed an Adventure Day that was cheap.

Joey decided that we were going to drive through Tilden Park, which is about 15 minutes from where we live.

I knew the park existed and we have driven around the perimeter on the way to other places, but I did not realize how cool it was.

There is a carousel that is 100 years old, steam trains, golf courses, picnic areas, campgrounds, and a small farm.

It was a little late in the day to experience any of the above things due to us being slackers. Leo has been super fussy due to a new tooth poking its way out.

As we were cruising through the park, I saw these stairways leading down in to the forest (I’m not sure what constitutes a forest, but this is what it feels like to me) from the road.

We pulled off the road and I strapped Leo into the Ergo and we set off for a hike.

After seeing this sign:

We got smart and “marked” the unmarked trail that led back to our car with this:

I wanted to pee all around the area, but Joey vetoed that idea. Punk.

We look awesome in our non hiking gear.

As we were walking down the hill, I could see water between the trees and low and behold there is a lake down there.

I love the lapping sound a lake makes; my dream is to own a home that is on a lake with a dock leading from my bedroom to the water.

Crazy this close to home and we were are in the middle of the forest with no cars, no noise and hardly any people.

This was one of the only other group of people we saw on our hike.

Leo is not really loving the Ergo anymore so I swung him around onto my back and he was a lot happier.

One trail we were on started to taper off and become more overgrown and the growth appeared to be poison ivy. Did we immediately get out of this supposed poison like normal rational people?! Nah, we just kept on truck’n like a couple of morons.

After we hiked for a couple of hours we luckily found our way out and made it back to the car.

We drove into Berkley which has amazing views of the bay and great houses.

Off of Fish Ranch road, which takes you back to the freeway, there are pull offs so you can park and take in the view.

I snapped some pictures albeit not very good ones due to the time of day and the fog.

This guy looked so relaxed I couldn’t help but be a creeper and snap his photo.

Remember AD#3 when we went to Twin Peaks?

Here is a picture Joey and Leo on a different visit (February) at Twin Peaks.

This photo shows you that we are on the opposite side of the bay and that TP looks like a set of boobs.

That is the Bay Bridge that leads into San Francisco.

It was a fun/sweaty day.

We plan on visiting again to show Leo the trains, carousel, and the farm.

Bonus: It wasn’t just cheap it was free and as I always say “Free is in our budget!”

P.S. So far so good on the poison ivy front.


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