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My sweet angel crawled into the basket and snuggled up with the pillow and clean laundry.


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My baby.

Love this kid with all my heart and soul.


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My mom and Joey’s mom have finally been in town at the same time and have met.

Here are Leo and his Babi and Gigi on the way to his haircut.


Here is my little boy after his haircut.


We took Leo to Gymboree and everyone sang happy birthday to him during parachute time. I choked up a little bit.

Happy Birthday my angel.

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One year ago to the minute, I was in labor and didn’t know it. Less than 24 hours later my beautiful son joined our lives.

While I lay in bed writing this with his sick little body(double ear infection)wedged up against me, I’m a blessed and thankful everyday that he is here.

Leo has changed me; he has made me a better person.

This photo is a photo I didn’t know existed. Joey’s lovely friend snapped it of us when Leo was about 12 hours old.


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Snapped these photos this morning while making a bottle for the road.

Most days I’m fine, today not so much.

Today, my heart hurts leaving him. 😦

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8 Months

07/07/2012 – Leo joined the 8 month old club.

Joey took the helm this month and grabbed the camera, blocks and blanket. High five Jojo!

I made my first attempt at photoshopping. I think I did pretty good teaching myself via youtube videos and trial and error.

Can you tell that there were bright blue garbage cans and some green utility type thing (I am at a loss as to what that thing actually is) that used to be in the photos?

Here is his 8 month shot.

The Runner Ups

Supported stander.

I feel like this one captures his personality.

Started crawling with his belly off the floor on 07/04.

Check out his growth from birth here.

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PD #6

My poor baby was sick for two days with a fever of 101.

No other symptoms and the nurse line gave us advice as to what to look for an when we need to take him in.

This was his first time being sick and it made us worry so much. He was lethargic and just wanted to be held and have his back patted.


Fever broke this morning and he is once again our independent, babbling little monster. 🙂

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