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As promised: The Rhine House

In AD#3 (which after looking should be AD#2; I somehow skipped the number 2. Whoops) we went to Napa; I promised you photos of the Rhine House when we went for our next bimonthly pickup.

We did our pickup on Tuesday last week.

Amazingly awe inspiring!

I’ve always had a thing for hydrangeas. I like the purple ones best.

I LOVE stained glass!

FREE wine tasting, huge fireplace, and a WHOLE wall of wine.

Grand Staircase.

The architectural details are phenomenal.

Throwing in the fam.

This is where we are every other month. How cool is that?


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AD #3

Joey’s good friend and his girlfriend came into town over the weekend and we acted as tour guides and decided to push this into AD #3.

We are members of the Beringer Winery wine club and we were due to pick up our bimonthly selection, so we HAD to go to Napa. Terrible isn’t it?!

The five of us climbed into the jeep and headed on up.

First stop was in downtown Napa to walk the shops and then off to the Franciscan Winery.

Fountain in front of Franciscan Winery, these are our lovely guests.

The winery had the best air conditioning EVER. Hands down. I’m serious about my AC. There is probably medication for this too, in addition to this.

Beautiful interior, friendly sommeliers, $15 dollars for the tasting, and a cheese platter. The cheese was DELICIOUS (notice that it is GONE), I am becoming a huge fan of gouda.

The wine on the other hand not so great, I am not a wine connoisseur in any sense of the word nor do I consider myself a wine snob, but I was not impressed.

Rosey with a hint of watermelon. Yucky!

SAVOR that wine!

Wine tasting with child; that’s how we roll!

My take on wine and wine tasting, you ask?!

I actually find the whole process quite pretentious with phony baloneys swirling and sniffing their wine as if they had any idea what they were doing. Looking down their noses at those of us who just think that there are two types of wine; wine you like and wine you don’t (I stole that line from Chuck).

After finishing, we drove over to the American Culinary Institute which is housed in an amazing castle like building.

Not the best shot, but you get the point.

I am completely in LOVE with the look of this place and plan to eat at the restaurant there the next time we do a pick up. SO EXCITED!

Arriving at Beringer we popped Leo into his stroller and headed up to the wine tasting area which had a wheelchair stroller (because a winery is an age appropriate place for an infant) accessible path that lead to an elevator.

I love my stroller and surprisingly I like this photo of myself.

I felt like such a dork taking the elevator and it was SO loud that people were staring at me.


I love the wine tasting area and shop at Beringer, they have old framed photos hung around the room with lots of wood architectural details. As members we have free tastings, which is such a bonus especially if we plan to bring out of town guests to Napa. Free is in our budget!

Chuck is on the right.

Our sommelier was Chuck who was a fantastic older gentleman with a slight case of RBO.

Playing “toss the ball in the air” to entertain Leo.

Auntie Bird sent Leo the outfit and is Daddy handsome or what?!

Leo is having a great time, some older ladies were chatting him up and he was loving that.

That’s Utah white.

We picked up our club wine at the Rhine House (gorgeous freaking mansion), I did not get any photos of the interior. I will get better at this I promise. Next time we go I will post photos. Here are some shots of the fountain outside including us getting photo bombed by someone who enjoyed his wine a smidge too much.

See what I mean?!

The look on Leo’s face cracks me up.

We drove through the Petrified Forest , stopped in Petaluma for lunch and ended up at this little seafood shack which had really good food and AMAZING chocolate dipped ice cream cones.

Our guests wanted to see the ocean during their trip since they are in a landlocked state so we drove over the Golden Gate bridge

…to Ocean Beach.

This is my artisty photo.

Last stop of the day was Twin Peaks, which is a spot that overlooks San Francisco and has a breathtaking view if you happen to go up there when the sky is clear.

It was freezing cold and have I told you how unphotogenic I am?

Awww…love birds.

We cruised home across Bay Bridge with the sun setting behind us after a full day of sightseeing and lots of driving.

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