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That’s right I am now 30.

I will tell you something, the lead up to the big day was worse than the actuality of turning 30.

I wanted to be in Los Angeles with all my girls to celebrate so we planned to be there from Tuesday, July 3 – Friday, July 6.

On Monday, I noticed that the Junkwagon (my 2004 Toyota Corolla) was having some slipping clutch issues and did not feel comfortable driving her without getting the problem looked at.

We dropped her off at the Toyota dealership. Side note: the guy at the dealership, that helped me had the last name McCracken. I know right?! How awesome is that?!

At 9am on Tuesday (we had planned on leaving at 8am) McCracken called to report that we were indeed due for a new clutch to the tune of $1400. Nothing like a huge number to take the wind out of your birthday road trip sails.

Took the old gal to a mom and pop shop for a second opinion and they agreed that it was time and gave us an estimate that was $300 lower than the dealership.

Now we are down our road tripping car. 😦

Long story short we somehow end up renting Chrysler 300m.


Yup. Leo was big pimp’n, taking the car out at night cruising Ventura Blvd looking for other babies.

On the fourth we scooped up my sister, Bird, from the airport and went to visit Leo’s great-grandmother (he is named after her late husband).

So sweet. (SBI)

While visiting Leo crawled across the room for the first time on his hands and knees with his belly off the floor. Kid is changing so fast it is shocking sometimes.

My lovely friend Chelle invited us to a BBQ/pool party, which was a lot of fun and she provided excellent grub.

This was Leo’s first time swimming and he had a great time. Loved the water but kept trying to chew on the concrete lip of the pool. What is that?! Concrete and glass; the kid thinks he’s a wild animal. While in the pool, Leo had a scary moment (for him) when he rolled off of my legs and went under the water for 2 seconds.

On the big day after I got my birthday song and my wonderful gifts we went to our FAVORITE bagel place. Manhattan Bagel on Wilshire in Santa Monica. Delicious!

Then off to visited Grandpa David (Joey’s father).

Returning to the scene of last year’s birthday crime, Bird and I got a pedicure at my favorite nail salon.

Gotta love his Affliction shirt!

I always feel a little awkward when a man does my pedicure; gives me a vibe reminiscent of that conversation between Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield about Marcellus Wallace’s wife and foot massages.

Prior to going back to the hotel to get ready for my birthday dinner we went a walked up and down the Venice Beach Boardwalk.

Dinner was at BJ’s which I know is not exactly the place to have your 30th but it is kid-friendly and group-friendly.

I had an amazingly fantastic time and the dinner was the perfect topper to a special day for me.

Now that I am 30 it’s not so scary and I am happy about the place where I am at in my life. Of course some things could be different or better in some areas but overall life is good. I have a man who loves me, a beautiful child who melts my heart, amazing friends, and the best sister in the whole world.

Lucky girl over here. 🙂


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