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Heading into working today was hard as it always is on my Monday.

Leaving my baby hasn’t gotten any easier.

Last week I nearly fell down the stairs getting off BART and broke the heel off of my favorite shoes.

Today, I was feeling crummy already and ended up wearing a pair of shoes I thought were super cute when I bought them.

I wore them to work once about four months ago and got teased at work because they are “too wild”.

As I was getting off at my stop a dapper fellow went out of his way to tell me my shoes were fabulous.

How awesome is that?!

I walked with an extra pep in my step in my too wild, fabulous shoes.



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Don’t dress in the dark when wearing a new top for the first time.

If you dothen, 60% of your day will be over and you pass your boss’s boss in the hallway and he quickly averts his eyes entire head.

Then you run to the bathroom to discover that you ended up in a see-thru top wearing a purple bra.


Have a great day free of fashion disasters!

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