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COD #1

Scared you for a second there, didn’t I?

No, I am not a gamer and I am not referring to Call of Duty.

My COD = Compliment of the Day. (sarcasm font)

Compliment of the Day is one of those things that people say to you that they really shouldn’t or is phrased in a way that just doesn’t sound right.

Here are some examples from when I was pregnant (I’m sure all you moms out there can relate):

“WOW, last time I saw you I didn’t think you could get any bigger. Boy, was I wrong.”

Ummm…thanks, you old sea hag.

“I just noticed how small your boobies are, you sure there is only one baby in there?”

Wait, what? Breast size has correlation to number of fetuses?! This came from a woman who has never had children.

So, without further delay here is COD #1.

We watched Larry Crowne on demand tonight.

If you haven’t seen it I won’t give any spoilers but Julia Roberts plays a disenchanted college professor who is quite angry, bitter, bitchy, jaded, and a bit of a lush.

My oh so lovely husman says “She has the same personality as you.”

Thanks babe!

Update: Joey informed me that most normal people would think COD was cash on delivery before Call of Duty. Those people weren’t married to a video game addict. I still have dreams where I hear “Locked and Loaded”; stab me in the face! 😉


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AD #5

The plan: Roseville

Habitat for Humanity Restore

Hobby Lobby

– Napa (bimonthly pickup)

Not every plan actually works out and often times it turns into a comedy of errors (I’ll have to tell you about our biggest one ever later).

This AD falls into the latter category.

We drove to Roseville which is a suburb of Sacramento and is only a destination because of the two stores I listed above.

Half way there we realized that we forgot the ergo and the stroller. Good planning guys.

I had forgotten that I had a telephone meeting scheduled with a career counselor at one. We had just passed our destination (Joey is an AWFUL navigator) when she called me.

45 bang my head on the damn steering wheel frustrating minutes later we were on our way.

The Roseville Restore is in this HUGE industrial park and is incredibly hard to find.

We finally arrive and this is what we see.

WTF?! Super bummer and I feel dumb. Who drives 80 miles without checking store times?!


We regroup and head to the Hobby Lobby.

We look up the directions and once again drive past our destination (guess who is navigating?).

My mission is to find things for current and future projects.

I was feeling aggravated and stressed due to the career counselor call and could not focus on the task at hand.

Over the past year or so I collected some items to create a shadow box of sorts for a friend of ours. Joey squashed the idea telling me that he thinks shadow boxes are super lame.


I bought a regular frame and laid it out, what do you think?

Sorry for the Bad IPhone pic (SBI)

Leo is always a big hit wherever we go, “look at all that hair” yada yada yada.

This marvelous day our handsome little boy dressed in BLUE was referred to as a female TWICE.


Bright spot of the day: we stumble upon this super cute find.

Leo the Photobomber liked them too!

At 50% off giving us a “It’s a deal Silvia” at less than 8 smackers, I think they will make a great addition to the nursery.

We stopped for lunch at Chevy’s which I pronounce incorrectly as Che-vies like Chevy Chase.

Nothing makes a day better than some chips & salsa and some beer.

Leo got a little jealous and grabbed onto Joey’s beer and dumped the entire glass into his face and all over his outfit.


At the end of the day we had 180 miles under our belts to go to a craft store and eat a chain restaurant.

Even though things didn’t go the way I had planned (I plan like Joey navigates) we spent the day together as a family.

What is better than that?

For future ADs I will leave the planning to Joey and handle the navigation myself.

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BBD #3

Casually leaning my elbow on my knees listening to Pandora (freaking LOVE), I catch a whiff of something.

That’s not a good smell.

What is that?

It’s feet!

Dirty, sweaty, smelly feet.

Where is that coming from?

Damn, that stinks.

Then I see it.




Put your dang shoe back on.

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