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10 months

Mr. Leo is ten months today and this week also marks a year in the Bay area.

Can you believe that we have already been here a year?! Feels like we just left.

My Leo has changed so much, he is becoming a little person.

He has FINALLY started sleeping through the night which is freaking amazing and shocking to us. Joey woke me up in the middle of the night asking if Leo had woken up. Seriously?! DUDE GO TO SLEEP! I wanted to read him this book my girlfriend bought me for Leo called “Go the fuck to sleep!”Haha!

We’ve tried to create routine for Leo and stick to as much as possible and now he falls asleep almost instantly when the routine is over. Next baby we will start much earlier.

Leo’s FAVES:

T.V. Show: The Good Night Show with Nina on Sprouts (Leo has a baby crush on her)

Commercial: Dream Lites – definitely click that link; you’ll want to jam a pencil in your ear.

Foods: Chicken and Chocolate Pudding (Joey’s fault)

Colors: Yellow and purple

Toys: Balls with holes in them from Gymboree and awesome Melissa & Doug Alligator Walker 

Not sure why flash was on; ball is actually a bright orange.

Not a toy thing he loves: The Vacuum, Tin Candle Lid, and purple hairspray bottle. He will chase the vacuum around the living room when one of us is vacuuming and the other two items, I don’t know. Neither is exciting in any way and he just loves both. Still loving the dishwasher and throws a mean tantrum when we pull him away from it.

Weird kid.

Activities: Swimming and Peek-a-boo

Disclaimer: Not a child floatation device. This is for your ice chest full of beer and those corner holes are individual beer holders. The damn thing was on sale at Wal-Shart (I fucking hate that place) for $7.

Animals: Cats and Dogs. Loves when Sharky (side note: she is a hussy and gets around town; friend of ours sent us a picture of Sharky visiting her (the friend not Sharky’s) grandpa’s house) comes to visit; he will sit by the sliding door and chatter at her. When we visit family that have dogs, he laughs and laughs when he gets doggy kisses.

Has yet to learn gentle; actually attacked a friends baby in the same way. Eek!


Cuddling (super frowny face for mommy), being strapped into his highchair, car seat, and stroller, getting a diaper change, shirts being pulled over his head and touching grass.

Last night though he cuddled me for ten minutes. He laid his messy mop of hair on my shoulder and nuzzled into my neck and let me hold him and cuddle him. I think he allowed me ten minutes and that was it because when time was up he was back to his wiggle worm, throw himself out of my arms self. After I put him in his crib, I went down and told Joey and sobbed like a baby. Almost an ugly cry over it. I will remember that ten minutes until the day I die.

He loves watching older kids play and laughs and smiles when they laugh and smile.

He says ma-ma, da-da and ba-ba, but we don’t consider those his first words. We are waiting until we can tell that he means exactly what he is saying.

His babushka taught him how to clap and now he does so when excited.

Here is his ten month photo:

I think it was a tie for first place with this one….

BUT Joey made an executive decision and said the first one was the winner.

Here are the out takes:

I have gone a little overboard with photos; I will share two more from this month and then I am done. PROMISE.


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If you wonder where I’ve been…


Yup, this 30 year old mama has gone back to school.

Nothing makes you feel like you are no longer young then being around 18 year olds.


First test was B+.

Woot woot!

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BBD #12 – Creeper

I, like most women have an appreciation when I get “checked out” by a man. Nice to know you’ve still got it, especially when you’ve had a baby that destroyed your body.

What I don’t appreciate is when it’s taken to the next level.


Glancing out the window on the way in today and notice that the creeper behind me is staring at me through the reflection. Our eyes meet in the reflection and he does the ol’ double eyebrow lift that is usual reserved between couples as a joke.

Why is that some men find this weird staring thing acceptable behavior?

You know the ones I’m talking about. They look too long with that little bit of leer sometimes adding a lick of the lips.

Their mothers didn’t raise them better than that?

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