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You may remember when I mentioned that we made our first sale on my Etsy shop Hangimals.

Well…we’ve made a couple more.

As you know Aidan went to live in New York which is fitting if you’re a Sex In The City fan.


Zach is on his way to live in Louisiana.


Our first custom order came in and her name is Penelope the Poodle. She came in the post today.

She will be decapitated shortly and will be on her way to live on Seattle in the morning.

I have had another custom request this time to match a specific finish.

Restoration Hardware’s Jourdan



The requestor is going to send me a swatch and I’m going to give it my best shot.

It feels so good that people want something I made.

I can’t believe it!

Makes me want to create other things to sell.

I’ll update you on future sales and additional creations.


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I am a big fan of using what you have and tweaking it to come up with the look you are going for.

As I was going through the Christmas boxes I found this old silvery white garland.

I bought it years and years ago and was only a fan the one season.

I had these round styrofoam balls that were a failed project for Leo’s birthday party.


I used my glue gun and glued a tack with ribbon attached to it into the top of the styrofoam ball.

Glued the garland all the way around the ball and snipping when I had adequate coverage.

Two garlands made eight snowball ornaments.


Right now they are on my mantle as it is partially decorated.

We plan on getting a small table top tree tomorrow since we have Leo toddling around destroying everything and will be out of town on Christmas anyway.

They may end up on the little tree or may stay on the mantle.

DIYing your own Christmas Ornaments is easy! Use what you have people.

This project was free or me because I had everything on hand.

“Free is in my budget!” – Mimi

Sneak peek of the mantle.


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Let It Snow, Let It Snow!

I randomly decided that I wanted to crochet snowflake ornaments.

Didn’t know I knew how to crochet, did ya?!

Mama taught me; woman is talented and trained me in.

I never made anything that amounted to a hill of beans back in the day.

Lets fix that!

I watched a couple of YouTube videos before deciding this was the one.

After dinner, Leo and I went to Michael’s and picked up some yarn and crochet hooks.

Grand total was $13.50.

Two hours later I am the proud mama of this wonky child.


Good thing Leo made his own self pretty!

I want to make a bunch more. Hopefully flakey’s future brothers and sisters are cuter.

I am going to try my hand at making a beanie too.

I’ll let you know how that turns out.

Thank god for YouTube!

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Leo’s birthday party (the one I have been obsessing about since his birth) is less than a month away.

The invitations have been designed and are off to the printer and I am in full crafting mode.


Tonight I am in bed with pipe cleaners, a chopstick and garden shears.

Can’t decide if I should show you when I am done or just tease you until the party comes. Hmmmmm….

P.S. Sorry if I have been gone awhile and never posted the crib skirt finale. Will post it soon.

Love you guys!

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