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Without further ado, here is my new girl, her name is Charlotte.

My butt is currently parked here and I couldn’t be more comfortable.

She is petite, pink-ish, totally NOT me and I LOVE her.

The pillows she came with have pink flowers on them. I DON’T DO FLORALS! Sorry to scream about the florals but dang! I snagged these two pillows off my couch and the black in them helps the little black table make sense.

I may darken her legs because we are having a bit of a color clash between the floor, table and the legs but, I am so in love with Charlotte. I know what you are thinking, “She said she doesn’t buy upholstered furniture used?” Charlotte is PRISTINE! I think she may have been reupholstered and spent her life in some rich lady’s sitting room, never being used.

Here is another view.

This space if you remember is My Nook, which I talk about here and even with a furniture change out its still horribly under accessorized. I have an idea to deal with the HUGE blank space above Charlotte, which is a three part deal.

One I found at ETSY which is on it’s way now. When I have two of the three parts, I will put it up because I think the third part may take FOREVER to stumble upon. BTW…How much do you LOVE Etsy?! I am in this crazy 70s obsessed mode right now (Joey thinks I am crazy). This 70s mode has my mom (Thanks Mommy! Love you!) digging out wall hangings that hung in EVERY house I grew up in. I want them hanging in my house.

Etsy and a 70s tangent??

Let’s get back to Charlotte.

Here’s a closer look with my favorite male model.

Look at those freaking nail heads!!! Oh and his aunt does rock!

Please tell me you love Charlotte too?


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If you remember I blamed Jennifer here for inspiring people to misspell
their children’s names to make them unique.

I was WRONG.

This has been happening for at least 100 years and probably longer. What
do they say? “Every generation thinks they need to re-invent the wheel?” I
googled it and it doesn’t pop up, I am sure it is something like that.


A random sampling from 1910:

We have Stephanie with the “unique” spellings of Stephenie and Stephany.


This tells me that people have always tried to be “unique”.


The literacy rates in 1910 were a lot lower and people guessed at the
spelling giving them a free pass and the people of 2011 are just trying
too hard. 😉

P.S. I figured out what “they” actually say. Science fiction author
among other things Robert Heinlein said “Every generation thinks it
invented sex”.

I was close right?!

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For all my fellow mothers of toddlers or young babies; do you ever feel like you are on 24/7 suicide watch?

Leo is a mover these days. He can scoot from one side of the room to the other which means child proofing.

Multi-level condo makes this difficult due to the stairs which have an outdated railing that is definitely not up to code.

Joey came up with the excellent idea of pushing the sofa up against the stairs which kills two birds with one stone. Bird one blocking the stairs and bird two opening up the space giving Leo a large area to play in.

Ignore the weird blurry spot on the stairs; I left a part of my secret project there. Don’t judge me on the couch either. It’s not mine and I hate it. 🙂

See that little space to the right of the couch? No? Leo did.

Look at those TEETH!

When did that kid learn to go up stairs?! Did he dream about it the night before and put it into practice?!

Joey was loading the dishwasher and stepped away for a moment to grab some dishes off of the table and look where the monster ended up.

Busted and he gives me that look!

He always LOVES LOVES LOVES electrical cords. He wants them in his mouth. I did not snap any pictures of this because I’m not about letting him electrocute himself for a blog post photo.

Please tell me I am not alone on this suicide watch crap?

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Watching this man play with his little girl made my train ride home. I know it’s blurry, but he was “attacking” her with her filthy well loved ducky and she was squealing with laughter. Awww.


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Tuesday, Leo and I made ourselves scarce so Joey could get some work done.

We went to BuyBuyBaby to check out high chairs.

Decided on this one.

High chairs are awesome. You know it!

Then to CP!

Gave you the lowdown about CP here.

Some of the items we saw last time were still there: green couch, man cave couch, and the lovely 80s glass table.

There was a ton of new stuff that made me weak in the knees and cursing the fact that I don’t have a big house and lots of used furniture money. 😉

Note: all photos SBI; I would feel conspicuous whipping out Joey’s Rebel, plus I had wiggle worm Johnson (aka Leo) in my arms.

Ok ok getting to the good stuff now.

This table was solid wood, gate leg (gasp! Gate legs do it for me), drop leaf in a dark stain. Probably weighed 500 L Bs.

Don’t you want to flip that side up and eat some chow?!

The dresser, I have in my bedroom is similar but pales in comparison to this beauty.

This gf is swoon worthy!

These chairs were a bit low for my taste but actually very comfortable. A coat of dove gray paint with a black and white print on the seat or do something bold and do a navy paint with an orange and yellow print will spruce these bad boys right up.

I know I am teasing, but my newest baby is still at the still at the store. Mama will bring her home on the weekend.

P.S. I might start hooking to make some used furniture money! 😉

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COD #1

Scared you for a second there, didn’t I?

No, I am not a gamer and I am not referring to Call of Duty.

My COD = Compliment of the Day. (sarcasm font)

Compliment of the Day is one of those things that people say to you that they really shouldn’t or is phrased in a way that just doesn’t sound right.

Here are some examples from when I was pregnant (I’m sure all you moms out there can relate):

“WOW, last time I saw you I didn’t think you could get any bigger. Boy, was I wrong.”

Ummm…thanks, you old sea hag.

“I just noticed how small your boobies are, you sure there is only one baby in there?”

Wait, what? Breast size has correlation to number of fetuses?! This came from a woman who has never had children.

So, without further delay here is COD #1.

We watched Larry Crowne on demand tonight.

If you haven’t seen it I won’t give any spoilers but Julia Roberts plays a disenchanted college professor who is quite angry, bitter, bitchy, jaded, and a bit of a lush.

My oh so lovely husman says “She has the same personality as you.”

Thanks babe!

Update: Joey informed me that most normal people would think COD was cash on delivery before Call of Duty. Those people weren’t married to a video game addict. I still have dreams where I hear “Locked and Loaded”; stab me in the face! 😉

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Sneak peek of my latest acquisition!


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