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I gained 47 pounds when I was pregnant with Leo.


I was not one of those cute pregnant women with just a belly.

I was freaking enormous.

Here is photographic proof.


Hot, right?

Here is one from the day before he was born.


A smidge better but still not cute.

I lost 27 of the 47 right away, the last 20 have been hanging around.

I have lost and regained the same 8-12 pounds since then and am really sick of not having any clothes to fit into.

Here are two of me when I was down the 8-12 pounds; note these are flattering photos. You can see the weight in my face.


I do not want to buy clothes for the size/weight that I am.

Which means that I have looked like a hot mess since he was born.

Not awesome.

I have started eating healthier and exercising within the last week and have been seeing everyone with their homemade smoothies and juices.

Joey and I talked about it and decided to drop $44 on a Magic Bullet at Costco.

I tried this Berry Spinach recipe.

It look like this:

Nasty, right?

WRONG! It was freaking delicious.

I am going to search out and try other recipes such as this Kale Smoothie.

Game Plan:

  • Walking 2 miles minimum everyday pushing Leo in the stroller
  • Smoothie for breakfast
  • Salad/Fruit lunch
  • Protein/Veggie dinner

Hopefully my ass will get smaller and fit into my pants.

I will let you know!

P.S. I wish this hot bitch would come back to town!



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Remembering Tripp

I follow Liz at BON TEMPS beignet blog.

Her post today is about the loss of her friends little boy Tripp.

Absolutely broke my heart and has me crying on the train into work.

I can not even imagine losing my Leo.

My thoughts and prayers are going out to Tripp’s mama.

Now do as Liz says and hug your loved ones a little tighter tonight.

If you can’t hug them, call now and tell them you love them.

I’m calling my mama as soon as I get off the train.

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Remember this little guy?

I talked about him in my gardening posts here and here.

This morning when I was watering I peeked my head over the top of the pot to check on my buddies like I do every day.

One of the lizards was floating on his back.

I’m not a reptile expert…wtf am I talking about. Scratch that.

I know NOTHING about reptiles, but I figured this was not a good thing. I got two shovels and scooped him out and put him on the steps.

Hosed down the pot and tipped the other one out in the event that the water/pot was hot or the water had somehow become tainted.

I left them alone for a couple of hours to see if they could work it out.

Joey and I checked on them later and found the floater, weirdly stiff and mannequin like.


Glad Leo, isn’t old enough to have to explain this one to him yet.

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Yes, I am screaming cake at you!


I’m a HUGE fan of cake, and I am a cake snob.

I rarely think cake is good, always thinking it is too dry, too dense, etc.

Mind you, I am known for my disastrous desserts that I have brought to dinner parties.

Bad doesn’t even begin to tell you how awful they have been.

I used to be pretty good at baking, not sure what happened there.


My oldest (since we were 14) gf Amber, is a mother of four, 6mths-7 years old.

She is an awesome mom!

Besides the cooking, cleaning, shopping, chauffeuring, etc. that is a mom’s job, she always makes sure to do the little things that kids remember.

Self-admittedly, Amber is not the most artistic/creative person out there (although, I disagree), she tries hard.

She’s the cat’s pajamas!

When her second daughter, Ella requested a homemade Smurf cake, she made one.

It wasn’t perfect but Ella WANTED her mama to make it; she didn’t care about the rough edges.

The best part, is when Ella is 30 and looks back she’s going to remember, how excited she was that her mama made that cake.

Amber and I got pregnant with our sons within days of each other. Our due dates where one day apart, I had Leo two weeks before her Alex came into the world.

Over the weekend, Alex turned six months.


How freaking CUTE is he?!

His creative, cat’s pajamas mama, made him half a cake for half a year.


I LOVE it!

Good job, Hon!

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Went to the local farmers market today and my gf points this hilarious sight out.


Work that Ergo!

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